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Fufa executive to decide on reforms 

Fufa president Moses Magogo

Fufa president Moses Magogo

Fufa will make a final stand on its proposed league reforms in a month’s time, following their consultative meeting with the Uganda Premier League clubs on June 18.

The clubs presented their views through Aggrey Ashaba, the KCCA FC vice-chairman, which largely highlighted that Fufa’s proposed reforms did not address the pertinent problems they faced.

Yet, according to Decolas Kiiza, the deputy Fufa chief executive officer in charge of football, the federation is going on with further consultations with other stakeholders.

The other proposed reforms are focusing on women’s football, the Big League and youth football (under-17 leagues) development, among others. However, the Fufa executive will have the final say in trying to fit in the ideas of every stakeholder.

Kiiza said: “We have several views on a number of issues, and we continue to collect more. And because of that, we will have to bring the ideas of every stakeholder together before the Fufa executive committee, which will decide a position.”

Following the meeting last week, clubs felt that after all consultations, it will probably be a case of voting on what reforms are adopted or not. In fact, Ashaba said a joint committee comprising of both Fufa and UPL clubs will work together, so that a common position is agreed on.

But Kiiza said it is not going to be about voting, where the majority carry the day: “The Fufa executive will make the final decision on what stands or not,” Kiiza said.

This suggests, that maybe the consultations between Fufa and the clubs were just ceremonial. In which case, the Fufa proposals are actually the new order, which they are simply buying time to pass.

However, Kiiza said Fufa has got to accommodate several views, and that the prerogative to decide what turns into law remains theirs. Nonetheless,theUPLclubswill always push for their interests first, especially their economic growth.

Although Kiiza refuted the suggestion, that Fufa will still decide arbitrarily in this case, the fact that the executive will reserve the right on which proposals to adopt, denies the clubs’ will being the new direction.

That said, Ashaba noted that every decision made regarding the reforms should be an informed one, and not just sentimental: “Some research will have to be made, so that we all know what works and does not.


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