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Observer Locker: Chelsea junkies lament VAR decisions as Man United celebrate

Manchester United were overwhelming underdogs going into their clash with Chelsea on Monday night at Stamford Bridge.

Yet, as it turned out, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s men completed a Premier League double on Frank Lampard’s side with a 2-0 victory. But the junkies wonder whether it was a fair result...

Bamulanzeki: Now VAR has been hired by Manchester United? I always thought VAR was preserve of LiVARpool alone.
Kabuye: You got it all wrong. Liverpool has never used VAR to win games.
Mugerwa: Ha, that is the biggest lie I have heard this year.

Vianney: People are just shameless. Kabuye, sit down with your lies!
Bamulanzeki: But why tell your friend to sit down, when VAR helped you guys rob Chelsea?
Vianney: Chelsea was not robbed. It was the milimetre offside rule that sadly denied Chelsea. Otherwise, VAR is okay.

Jeff: Not at all. For me, I have never liked that VAR business.
Vianney: I know people like Jeff; when VAR rules in his favour, it is cool.
Jeff: But surely, how could two of our goals be canceled in that manner?

Vianney: Because you committed two errors. Learn to score clean goals.
Mugerwa: Man, this United team, ekuba........

Vianney: Stop flattering the team, when they have not achieved much yet.
Bamulanzeki: I was praying for a draw between United and Chelsea.
Mugalu: So, you lost!

Bamulanzeki: Man, I want Arsenal to make it to the Champions League.
Mugerwa: So, now that Manchester United beat Chelsea, Arsenal has a good chance of finishing fifth.

Vianney: Hahahahaha......you have it all figured out.

Mugerwa: Yes. We should both qualify. Anti Manchester City will not play there even if they finish in the top four.
Jeff: But why don’t you wait for Manchester City’s appeal to be dispensed with first?
Vianney: Mugerwa’s celebrations may turn out to be premature.

Sebugwawo: For us, we are 25 points clear.
Zziwa: Ha, omwavu wa kufa. The LiVARpool man has come.
Kabuye: Wamma, Sebugwawo, remind them that Liverpool is 25 points clear.

Vianney: I can see LiVARpool are also praying that Manchester City is stripped of their 2014 League title, and it is given to them instead. How will you celebrate that one?
Spin: Bannange Ngalo [Ighalo] mwamulabye? He almost killed Chelsea. What a world-class signing he is for Manchester United.

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