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Observer locker: Junkies talk up Man Utd, LiVARpool clash

The locker-room’s Liverpool junkies are not willing to entertain any more claims that they are benefiting from VAR decisions more than any other team. Their focus is on beating Manchester United this weekend…

Zziwa: But really LiVARpool, you even had to rob Tottenham’s throw-in, in order to score against them?
Vianney: Talk about it. It is getting out of hand.
Kabuye: Out of hand, how? Is there any team in world football, that benefited more from referee decisions than Man-Utd?
Zziwa: But we are talking about now, Kabuye. For you, the VAR is used to stop your opponents playing in other games you are not involved in.

Kabuye: Like which one? Take away your hate talk.
Zziwa: Haven’t you seen how VAR has been used against Man-City? That has helped LiVARpool widen the gap.
Mugalu: Kabuye, do not waste your time on haters. Liverpool’s might is so tough for people to take in. Just ignore them.
Zziwa: How come Mugalu decide for Kabuye what to do?

Mugalu: Eh Mwami Zziwa, how are you today?
Zziwa: When I walked past your desk, you just giggled at me, so why are you greeting me now?
Vianney: Is that so?
Zziwa: Of course. The Mugalu man has already been discussing where they will hold LiVARpool’s victory party.

Mugerwa: Those LiVARpool guys have already agreed with the FA and the Premier League, to make sure every decision goes for them.
Mugalu: Even you Mugerwa. What did we do to you?
Mugerwa: On Saturday, you guys conspired to send off Aubameyang. Yet, Van Dijk is guilty of a similar tackle. But he did not even get a yellow.
Vianney: By’ebyo. That is LiVARpool for you. I am beginning to suspect they are even using ‘juju’.

Kabuye: Then what shall we say of the time United were under Fergie?
Zziwa: Naye LiVARpool eyiseewo.
Sebugwawo: We do not have talk for lazy talk. Wamma Kabuye and Mugalu, let us just dance to Kibaluma……
Zziwa: Ha, here comes the beer man. I hope he is sober.

Spin: Do not worry, guys. We are going to Anfield on Sunday, and we will end this unbeaten run.
Mugalu: Ssebo, we are waiting for you. I hear you have told Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to cling onto us like a tick.
Spin: Make sure you people do not switch off your phones on Sunday.

Sebugwawo: Enkoko tesamba nte..
Zziwa: With VAR on your side, you have no worries, Sebugwawo.
Mugalu: What VAR are you talking about?
Zziwa: Ah, ah, ah…..totukooya, we have since moved on from that talk.

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