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Observer locker: Kudos to Cranes

The locker-room junkies were impressed about the manner in which The Cranes dispatched Malawi 2-0 in the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations last Sunday at Namboole stadium…

Jeff: That Cranes win was really good; a perfect start .
Zziwa: The result was good, although we did not particularly play well from the beginning.
Bamulanzeki: Not at all. Malawi played better than us.
Vianney: That is true. They were moving the ball intelligently.

Bamulanzeki: We could hardly make consistent moves.
Zziwa: Honestly, we need to improve our ball management.
Jeff: But who is that fellow called Fahad Bayo? How old is he?
Lumu: He must be an old man. Maybe in his 40s.
Vianney: Nawe Lumu, that is not true.

Jeff: Okay, then, how old is he?
Vianney: Bayo is a young man. He’s about 24 now.
Jeff: Really?
Vianney: Yes. He is new on the scene.  He was at Proline just two years ago.
Lumu: Then, where did he go?

Vianney: He joined Buildcon FC in Zambia in 2017. And I think his game developed much while he was there. His confidence grew.
Jeff: But apart from his goal, I do not think he played very well.
Mugalu: Maybe because it was his first competitive game at home, Bayo had a bit of nerves.
Vianney: That is true. But his finish was superb. With more games, he will get better.
Lumu: Meanwhile, I think Allan Okello needs to leave KCCA FC for a bigger team in Europe, to improve his game. Otherwise, for me, he is finished.

Zziwa: Naye gwe, Lumu, you don’t know what you are talking about. Okello is the best footballer in this country.
Lumu: Granted. But he needs to move. Otherwise, staying here longer will not improve his game.
Zziwa: For me, I was disappointed when the coach played him as a number seven, and not in his customary number ten role.
Vianney: Wait a minute, Zziwa. Okello was not played as a number seven. You see, for you, football is still in the 4-4-2 perspective. Cranes played a 4-2-3-1. In that case, Okello is an inverted winger. His movement on and off the ball is different from the old-fashioned wingers.

Zziwa: But Okello was always on the far side. Yet, we all know where he plays best. Faruku Miya should have given way for Okello to play in his favoured number 10.
Vianney: Now Zziwa, I hope you don’t think Lionel Messi is a number seven, because he plays off the right for Barcelona. He is a forward.
Vianney: That is the versatility Okello must acquire, coming off the outside, drifting in, so that he can shoot on goal. The middle, where he normally plays, can get crowded and he won’t be able to shoot. Trust the coaches, my friend.
Zziwa: But with all said and done, KCCA ended Vipers’ unbeaten run.
Sebugwawo: But are you guys following Villa. Eyokya nga paasi. We left Onduparaka for dead. Next is KCCA. Mufudde.

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