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Interim Fufa boss has his work cut out

Moses Magogo

Moses Magogo

These are interesting times for Ugandan football. A time when Moses Magogo, the soon-to-be-former Fufa president, is serving a Fifa suspension for corruption; a time when football teams are choking due to unrealistic regulations and, most importantly, a time when the man sitting in the top office of Ugandan football has a chance to undo injustices.

In the days that followed the Fufa annual general assembly in Adjumani, I have received an outpouring of views from different delegates regarding the suspension of Magogo.

For starters, whatever Magogo announced in the assembly was false because the suspension letter from Fifa secretary general Fatma Samoura, ordered him out of office three weeks before the general assembly. So, his recent appointments in Fufa to cover up his tracks are also ineffectual as his appearance at the assembly.

The plan was meant to buy innocence from the unsuspecting delegates by implementing part of my well-documented plans in 2021. In other words, an already-suspended person cannot promise delegates a quarterly benefit of Shs 1.5m when it is not cared for in the Fufa statute. It is just a political gimmick to buy allegiance.

So, whatever took place in the assembly is a nullity and, therefore, delegates must demand an extraordinary assembly to correct the wrongs. Fortunately, nothing bars them. For years, Magogo had stopped the delegates from expressing their views and questioning his machinations but now that he is barred from making any contribution, there is a sense of normalcy in Fufa.

At the moment, all eyes are on Justus Mugisha, the caretaker Fufa boss, who has his work cut out. At the forefront of the challenges he faces is unplugging Fufa from a corruption-infested body into an organisation with the sole mandate of promoting football.

It is an open secret that several sponsors have refused to commit their partnership with Fufa, citing corruption while on the ground, selected clubs are suffering the wrath of being denied sponsorship being associated with me and Dr Lawrence Mulindwa. Our crime? Being powerbrokers that can unseat Magogo.

My advice to Mugisha is to tread carefully because I know of a number of Magogo’s henchmen who still pass on the information to their banished boss. They will create every situation to paint Mugisha as a stooge incapable of leading the federation.

Mugisha is a respected man who has promoted football right from the grassroots. I have worked with him on several projects and I find him to be a man of integrity, a sheep among wolves.

The cabal of few individuals at Fufa house who live off football will not like his leadership and will do everything to discredit him. But I trust Mugisha will be transparency and do a forensic audit of Fufa dealings. For now, Mugisha’s mandate may be two months but he has a chance to leave a lasting legacy by undoing Fufa injustices of Magogo.


The author is Nyamityobora FC president.

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