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Observer locker: Who will win the English Premier League

Who will win the  Premier League this season?The 2019/2020 English Premier League season begins this weekend, with a lot of anticipation. But what do the locker-room junkies expect? …

Zziwa: Manchester City is still going to win the league.
Sebugwawo: That is not true. It is going to be Liverpool.
Kabuye: I really want to see my Liverpool win, but I don’t think we will.
Zziwa: Liverpool has put a lot of pressure on their front three. I think the results will not be good in the end, because they must be fatigued.

Kabuye: That is why I thought Klopp should have brought in a couple of attackers, to reduce the load on Salah, Firmino and Mane.
Vianney: But you people, Liverpool has Lallana, Shaqiri and Origi as the direct replacements for your first-choice three, Kabuye.
Zziwa: I don’t think they are at the same level with the replacements at Manchester City.
Vianney: But if Lallana and Shaqiri are fit, Liverpool have good support players.

Zziwa: Ssebo, Liverpool hit its peak last season. I don’t expect them to replicate that form, because their main stars were overworked.
Mugalu: But how come you are just accepting whatever Zziwa is saying?
Sebugwawo: Wamma Mugalu, no one should intimidate you. I have got your back on this one. Liverpool will win the League this season.
Mugerwa: Liverpool cannot win anything. They will just complete the top four. Arsenal has to be in the top-three.

Bamulanzeki: And Arsenal make it 3-0 against Liverpool at Anfield. What a performance by Nicholas Pepe!
Kabuye: Now listen to this big head. Just on drugs. How can Arsenal even score a goal against Liverpool?
Bamulanzeki: Bannange, omusajja anyize…..the man is annoyed, because I talked about Liverpool.
Jeff: Nammwe, Arsenal nfu! They can’t be near the top four.

Lumu: I think Manchester City is going to win the league again.
Vianney: But Jeff, how about your Chelsea?
Jeff: The top four will be like last season. Arsenal and Manchester United will remain where they finished.
Lumu: I agree that the top four will remain unchanged.

Spin: Also, don’t forget to remind people that Virgil Van Dijk is no longer the most expensive defender.  It is Harry Maguire at Manchester United.
Mugalu: Ha, Spin has popped up.
Zziwa: Now that you have allowed Spin in our discussion, nze ngenze.
Spin: Zziwa, please don’t go without hearing the news of Harry Maguire.


0 #1 mpadwa musa 2019-08-08 17:52
I think Frank lampard should keep David luiz,they have transfer ban for the better of defense but with Friday match Chelsea 2:0 man u
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