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Observer locker: Anxiety as Cranes storm round-of-16 at Afcon tourney

Despite only managing to collect four points from three group matches, The Uganda Cranes were able to qualify in second place from group A, and now await Senegal in the round-of-16 this Friday, July 5…

Walusimbi: Muko, muko…...did you see how well Cranes played against Egypt?
Vianney: Man, Cranes played well, for sure.
Sebugwawo: What good was in that match, when you could not score? Muwaana ebitaliimu…..
Walusimbi: But I assured you people on Friday, that Cranes stood no chance against Egypt.

Mugerwa: Ha, this Walusimbi is going to talk a lot now.
Mugalu: That one has no facts.
Walusimbi: But Mugalu, I staked my 20k on Friday, and challenged you to stake yours too. But you were all afraid, because you were not confident in Cranes winning.
Akram: But how come you guys are not talking about the Zimbabwe game?

Walusimbi: I was shocked, that they could lose to DR Congo by such a huge ( 0-4) margin.
Vianney: Football is simply so unpredictable.
Mugalu: No one gave Cranes the chance of even getting out of the group. Now, they look good for a semi-final berth.
Sebugwawo: Semi-final? Where? Let Senegal first discipline you.

Mugalu: Sebugwawo, you better concentrate on your Ghana team. Leave our Cranes alone.
Sebugwawo: I like the trend you are on. You started with a win. Yet of late, you have been declining. Next round is elimination, trust me.
Kabuye: People, what did you make of Mohamed Salah’s free kick?
Mugerwa: Now hear this one! We are plotting how to beat our Senegal, and the fellow is taking us back.

Vianney: You mean you don’t know that Kabuye was supporting Egypt against Uganda?
Akram: Kabuye supports Egypt? That is waragi….
Kabuye: Vianney is a journalist, yet he misleads people; I told you I support Mohamed Salah.
Vianney: Whatever the difference is.

Kabuye: For me, it is Salah, just.
Zziwa: But what does Mugalu, another Liverpool man, say about all this?
Vianney: Nothing. He is also compromised. You may find he was also happy, when Salah scored against us.

Zziwa: No wonder Mugalu is not even condemning Kabuye.
Vianney: He cannot. They are in bed together. Pretending to be supporting Uganda, yet they are Egypt’s silent burners.
Spin: But Vianney, is it true that Liverpool tore Kenya apart last night? [in reference to Sadio Mane’s two goals as Senegal thrashed Kenya 3-0]. And, I hear Manchester United want Cranes’ Abdu Lumala.
Mugalu: Don’t you think he will help Arsenal? I see United have already signed Wan-Bissaka, yet Arsenal have not signed anyone.  


-3 #1 WADADA roger 2019-07-03 22:12
Our qualification was accidental and unexpected, I dont see us surviving the next stage
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