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Football is not your cheap pie to chew!

It costs a fortune to have a football club let alone financing football competitions. I wish to applaud those that continue to finance football activities at all other levels in the country from the top flight down to the grassroots level.

Usually, there are unstoppable outcries on the resources expended especially by government on financing international football matches for the Uganda Cranes. It is normal to expect such situations socially if you are not into football and let alone have no interest at all.

The language spoken in the modern game of football requires qualified and experienced technical human resource in various fields of coaching, physical fitness, sports medicine, physiotherapy, nutrition and psychology.

However, Uganda is still struggling in the fields yet the country has to compete on the international market which is very dear!  On top of the technical human resource, there is need for management and coordination of the teams which improves preparations at crucial stages.

Fufa and the government have to cater on average for 16 foreign based players by providing return air tickets within the regulations governing international competitions. Don’t forget, the players enjoy full board accommodation while in camp that comes with standard out of pocket allowances which also extend to the team officials. 

The team must be adequately remunerated in line with international competitive rates. The Uganda Cranes earn a standard match allowance for every competitive match regardless of the results.

The rationale is that this is a temporary part-time activity that greatly depends on several other factors; fitness, injuries, other calendars, competition within the camp, and the short duration of stay to mention but a few. Every competition match has predetermined and agreed bonuses attached to the results that have a positive impact (in aggregate) to the team’s progression to the latter stages.

With officiating assignments by referees, an international practise match, requires catering for match officials (usually from a foreign country) with allowances, full board accommodation in a four-star hotel, chauffer driven transport for the match commissioner and the referees separately, among others.

The dress code is an area that most competitions will require all National teams to don befitting attire clearly labelled according to the rules and regulations. As provided for in the relevant regulations, every competition match must be organised according to specific parameters.

Match officials who include Match Commissioner, Referees’ Assessor, and four referees must be provided with return air tickets, full board accommodation in a four-star hotel, chauffer driven transport for the Match Commissioner, Referees’ Assessor and the referees separately, VVIP protection throughout their stay, and allowances where applicable.

Some matches may have a security officer and a media officer as well. A stadium must be hired and availed according to the competition regulations with adequate safety and security, easily accessible to spectators and fans, and have provisions for flood lights in case of need.

There must be at least two well manned medical ambulances at every international match. It is the responsibility of the host nation to adhere to all the Protocol requirements before, during and after the match.

The visiting team must be provided with VVIP security, chauffer driven internal transport while in the country, an interpreter where applicable, a training field, water, and other basic refreshments. 

All the revenue arising out of the gate takings from an international match will attract 18% VAT payable to the Uganda Revenue Authority as assessed in the month in which such a match is played.  I am pretty sure you are convinced beyond reasonable doubt that football is expensive and it therefore needs everyone’s support.

It is Our Game, It is Our Country.

Decolas Hantali Kiiza is the director of finance at Fufa.

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