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Uganda awaits list of best swimmers

A list of Uganda’s top swimmers, who will represent the country at different international events, is expected to be released over in a couple of days. The list is expected to be drawn from the results of the recent fifth National Age group championship that was held at GEMS Cambridge in Butabika, Kampala.

The technical team at the Uganda Swimming Federation was set to be locked up in different meetings over the next two to three days to draw up a criterion that could accommodate the best swimmers that the country has to offer.

Among the international events to look out for are the 2019 World Aquatics Championships slated for July 12 – 28 in Gwangju, South Korea, where the available slots have been limited to only two boys and two girls.

Coming up with those names is going to be a tall order. From the girls’ side, 14-year-old Kirabo Namutebi of the Dolphins Swim club put up a classy show. She won all her individual heats.

Kirabo’s feat was matched by 18-year-old Ambala Atuhaire, also of Dolphins Swim club, who had a clean sweep of all his individual heats.  And yet, as a sign of the huge pool of talent available in the country, other swimmers had impressive times.

Take 15-year old Mercedes Mwebeiha and 24-year-old Avice Meya, both from Silverfin Academy. The two had interesting battles, swapping leads in different heats, with Mwebeiha untouchable in the backstroke, while Meya dominated the free style.

Adnan Kabuye and Mukalazi Tendo both 16-year-olds from Dolphins Swim club had an inspiring outing. They are likely to make the shortlist, probably along with Atuhaire. The federation has its work cut out.


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