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Observer locker: Junkies salute ‘Big Size’ Ssingo on Masaza triumph

After beating Buddu 13-12 on post-match penalties to capture the Masaza Cup for the second time in three years, Ssingo are inevitably talk of town and the junkies were not spared either.

Sebugwawo: Ha, Buddu ekirize nti Ssingo ssi sayizi yaayo; omusajja temumusobola...
Siraje: Buddu changed goalkeepers three times and were about to call in the Katikkiro to help them!

Zziwa: Bambi Buddu, they were trying every means to win the game.

Sebugwawo: But Ssingo was simply too strong for them.
Zziwa: Can you imagine, Buddu had lined up a week-long programme for the trophy tour.
Sebugwawo: Is that so?
Zziwa: They thought they had won even before the game started.

Vianney: That coming from you, a Ssingo man does not surprise me. You are determined to tarnish the name of Buddu.
Zziwa: Eh, how come Vianney has put his body on the line for Buddu?
Sebugwawo: You mean you don’t know that he is from Buddu?
Zziwa: Really? I always thought he was from Kyaddondo.

Sebugwawo: When Buddu loses, Vianney goes into cover.
Vianney: Stop spoiling my good name. I am proud to be from Buddu. I just don’t like the fake news Zziwa is spreading about Buddu.
Zziwa: It is true. The Buddu people were planning a carnival on the streets of Masaka and a march around Kampala, but bambi all went up in smoke!
Gaston: I was also very happy for Ssingo.

Mugalu: I thought you are from Gomba, Gaston.
Gaston: Yes, but the Buddu people caused kavuyo on the road the last time they won.
Mugerwa: Guys, I have been listening to your Masaza Cup talk, but my mind is on the Arsenal/Liverpool game this Saturday at the Emirates.
Gaston: Oh, yamaawe! We are playing Liverpool? twafa...

Bamulanzeki: Why are you scared of Liverpool when Arsenal are playing so well under Unai Emery?
Mugerwa: Man, our defence isn’t solid enough.
Zziwa: Bannange, don’t forget to pray for Spin, because he could commit suicide, following Barcelona’s 5-1 defeat of Real Madrid.
Spin: Why don’t you find something else to talk about?
Zziwa: Okay. It is Real Madrid that beat Barcelona 5-1.

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