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DStv Now takes television from home to office, phone or tablet

The new football season promises to be the most exciting in years, following several innovations and upgrades from DStv. PHOEBE NAKABAZZI, the DStv Uganda head of marketing, provides an insight to David Lumu.

Phoebe Nakabazzi

The 2018/2019 football season is upon us…what should fans and DStv subscribers look out for?

First of all we are prepared for the new season and have come up with quite a number of innovations and upgrades for our subscribers.

I would like to inform you that the Italian Serie A is back to DStv and fans will have the chance to see one of the game’s biggest stars in Cristiano Ronaldo featuring for Juventus.

Besides, we have spread out our different key attractions to cater for every package. For instance, customers on the Family and Access packages will get a chance to watch at least two games every week. I mean two games from each of the Premier League, La Liga, as well as Serie A. No one is missing out this time.

Then those that subscribe to Compact and CompactPlus will in addition get all La Liga and Serie A games throughout the season.

In total, DStv will air 1,140 games, including the English Premier League. And, by the way, we will also be airing the Caf Champions League and upcoming European Nations Cup.

With that high volume of matches, how are you setting up the various channels?

SuperSport 3 still remains the home of the English Premier League and the biggest games will be aired here. The other live Premier League matches will be spread out across various channels.

The Spanish La Liga takes up its usual SuperSport 7 for the main live game and there is also room on SuperSport 10 for the other live La Liga matches. Meanwhile, the Serie A will take up SuperSport 6 for the big games and SuperSport 8 for the rest.

What special inducements have you created this time?

As you may be aware, we rolled out DStv Now early this year and the app will come in handy for those away from home or on the move because they now have a chance to watch their favourite DStv shows from everywhere.

Meanwhile, we have come up with a new system to motivate our subscribers enjoy the fruits of paying on time. For instance, if a subscriber for the Family/Access package renews payment a day before the expiry of his/her subscription, DStv will offer that person a full week of all channels on the Compact package. 

The same applies to those subscribed to the Compact and CompactPlus packages, who will get seven free days to enjoy all channels on the Premium package. So, you don’t have to wait your subscription to expire and we are doing all this without raising the prices of subscription.

You mentioned DStv Now; take me through how it works…

DSTV Now is the streaming service offering live television. It is an app that can be installed on your phone, tablet or computer and gives access to all channels on the bouquet that one subscribed to.

It is like moving with your DStv. The ever-reducing cost of data makes DStv Now a must-have for every subscriber. So, instead of going to the bar to catch up on a game, all you need is to have your subscription number, download the app from Googleplay, follow prompts and create a password.

Meanwhile, you also don’t have to fight for the TV at home when you have DStv Now because everyone can choose their own channel with their own device.

On that backdrop, how will you handle the technical side of things?

We have had problems with the previous arrangement where we sourced out our technical services like connection and installation for a fee of Shs 50,000 upon payment of Shs 132,500 for the fully-connected decoder.

At times, this used to be an inconveniencing process for our customers, who had to personally contact technicians, but going forward, DStv is offering a full package where customers will comfortably get connected without incurring unnecessary costs or going through another tedious process.

A fully-installed decoder goes for Shs 182,500 and DStv will foot all costs until our customer sees the picture on his/her screen.  And, this comes with a month free of subscription.

Your last word…

All I can say is that I urge the sports fans out there to join the DStv network for the best and most comprehensive live sports coverage. Our new value addition services should give more value to customers to subscribe or renew their subscription with DStv.


0 #1 Leonard Kusemererwa 2018-08-22 14:02
i had travelled when i came back and my dtsv monthly had expired and i never had enough money to use mm, i thought i could watch the news but to my dismay i could not watch ntv, nbs, telefaina, i though these channels are free, why can we watch then even if the monthly has expired.
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