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Observer locker: The Drum, sorry Arsenal and Blues all in dire straits

It was a mixed bag of results over the weekend but none pained more than Arsenal’s Carabao Cup final defeat to Man City…

Mugalu: I’m glad the office is silent this Monday morning.
Nsimbe: Kyogereko! Can you imagine the noise here if those fumblers had won the Carabao Cup?
Mwesigwa: I guess Lumu would be scolding us.
Mbanga: As a Chelsea fan, I have to comment.

Kakaire: You guys are sadists…there is no Man City supporter here but you are yapping as if Man United or Liverpool won anything meaningful…such myopic mentalities should be left to boda bodas, not you newsroom journalists.
Mugalu: Any visitor here can tell a myopic person by the trash he spews.
Nsimbe: I just don’t understand why Arsenal fans always go on the offensive when they lose…
Zziwa: Hey, everyone, I expect total focus on work…Mugalu, where are the pages? Nsimbe, how far with the Desabre interview?

Mugalu: Is that meant for me? If so, then you are day-dreaming like Arsene Wenger.
Lumu: Stop this nonsense, Mugalu; you stand to lose more if this foolish debate goes on.
Sebugwawo: Now these Arsenal maniacs have turned to intimidation…they are not any different from some jokers in Fufa who have imposed on us a meaningless tournament in the guise of promoting grassroots football.
Mugalu: I think Bugos you need to separate these two things…I see no problem with the Drum…well, apart from...

Sebugwawo: Shut up! Why did they not hold it during the midseason that lasted two months?
Zziwa: Or better still, wait till the end of the season.
Nsimbe: What perturbs me most is the use of players from top-flight sides…
Mugalu: Relax, guys…Ugandans are naturally allergic to change but you need to be optimistic.
Lumu: For once, I agree with Mugalu; let’s wait till the tournament ends to judge whether it was worth it.
Sebugwawo: Wait for what? Do you really expect anything meaningful? This may even cost Villa the league title.

Mugalu: When was the last time Sebugwawo commented on anything without bitterness?
Lumu: Just get him a Marlborough and he will be on your side, simple.
Mwesigwa: Or better still, get him a Bell lager.
Sebugwawo: Someone better hold me before I pump sense in this little animal. It is an insult to mention booze in this period of Lent because I’m a devout Catholic.
Lumu: Hmm…Better go and tell that crap to your priest, this is a newsroom.

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