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Frenchman takes Cranes job

French born tactician Sébastien Desabre has today, Thursday been unveiled as the new Uganda Cranes coach and handed a 3-year contract.

The 41-year-old coach reportedly tendered in his resignation letter to his employers, Ismaily in Egypt early this week before he flew out of Cairo last evening. Ismaily officially announced his departure yesterday on the club’s website.

Last week the Ugandan FA announced that Desabre together with former Rwanda coach Johnny  McKinstry (Northern Irish, 32 years), Emilio Ferrera (Belgian, 50 years) and Cranes interim coach Moses Basena had made it to the final shortlist for the job.

Sébastien Desabre has been given a three-year contract

But an insider in Fufa said that although they would have wanted McKinstry who led Rwanda to the quarterfinals stage of the 2016 Africa Nations Championship (CHAN), they think he is still young to handle a team like Uganda that is quickly gaining in stature.

Desabre who has never handled a national team in the African continent was favoured because he has handled several teams in Africa, has been coaching for many years and also his monthly pay will not be more than Shs 90 million ($25,000). The government is expected for the first time to pay more than 50 per cent of the month salary of the new coach.

The Uganda Cranes coaching position became vacant after Serbian Milutin 'Micho' Sredojevic terminated his contract in July 2017 over unpaid wages amounting to about Shs 191 million.

Desabre leaves Ismaily top of the Egyptian Premier League with 37 points from 16 games, while giants Al Ahly are second with 30 points from 13 games played.

The Frenchman has a rich club coaching profile after handling ESC Rocheville (France) as assistant, ASEC Mimosas (Cote d'Ivoire), CS Garoua (Cameroon),  ES Tunis (Tunisia), Clube Recreativo Desportivo Libolo (Angola), Dubai Club (United Arab Emirates), JS Saoura (Algeria), Wydad Athletic Club (Morocco) and Ismaily.

His first task will be to lead Uganda Cranes at the 2018 Total Africa Nations Championship (CHAN) which runs from January 13 to February 4 in Morocco. Uganda will play along side Zambia, Namibia and Cote dÍvoire in Group B.


+1 #11 Robert Atuhairwe 2017-12-30 17:31
Quoting Akot:
Wooden K. thanks!

I would like to take this occasion to wish you a Happy New Year & good health!

And to Sébastien Desabre,

Merci d'avoir le courage de vivre et travailler en Ouganda, parce que la différance entre ce pay et la France et si grande en term de democracie et administration que, je me demande comment vous arriver à vous y'trouver et à avour votre place!

En tout cas, félicfitation et je suis hereuse, fière & contente de votre participation dans la société Ougandaise!

Sébastien Desabre, je vous souhaite une bonne fête the fin d'année et une grande réussite dans la charge et résponsibilité qu'on vous a confié !

Madame Akot, est-ce que tu joues au football? C'est un jeu qui apporte l'égalité. S'il te plaît reste la politique en dehors
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0 #12 Akot 2017-12-30 21:20
Jsseb, thanks!

It's a pitty Mutebi is not his father who knew it's only Together as 1 that Uganda can be in position to defend it's territory!

Look at how museveni uses us against one another & will end up throwing us all out of the tribal lands we want to belong to, yet unable to preserve it due to tribalism, face to museveni who does not have tribal land in our country, yet will throw us out!

Our tribalism is handing over the country to museveni & not 1 tribe will be at home: we are the last to see or know Uganda is formed by tribal lands that joined & formed the Republic museveni shattered, but will reform it as he wants, without us!

We are giving everything to museveni!!!
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0 #13 Akot 2017-12-30 21:36
Jsseb, Happy New Year!

I don't understand why Acholi has tribal leader licking musevnei's boots when he destroyed Acholi completely, but want rich Acholiland as part of his new Uganda!

What will museveni do to Acholi when he finally gets complete control of each & every tribal land & makes Uganda the country he dreamed of?

Any cleaver tribe with leadership should break away & form independent tribal state before it's too late: tribally divided, there is no way museveni won't make Uganda another country for Rwandese not wanted by Kagame & those fighting to get DRCongo will also come to their new country, Uganda!

I don't understand how Ugandans can still talk of belonging to tribe when non will have tribal land in the new Uganda being founded by museveni!
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0 #14 Akot 2017-12-30 21:56
Jsseb, thanks!

House cleaning-leadership begins at home: even when Acholi don't like my comments, they must know if they do as I say, they will stop museveni making Acholiland part of his new UIganda & the demon won't have base on Acholi land to subdue tribes that brought him in but don't want him any more form!

If there was leadership in Acholi, it would have been the first Free State & 30 years ago!

How can Acholi join musevnei now or help him own Uganda & Akot stays quiet?

Thank God the new coach is not from any tribe: it would have become tribal!

France & other EU countries made it possible for Weah to be professional footballer & very rich, now he is president of Liberia & promised to Unite them & make Education-Health-Agriculture priority & these are what that country needs!
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0 #15 Akot 2017-12-31 18:38
Robert Atuhairwe, Happy New Year!

La politique et le sport entrelient et apportent beaucoup de l'argent aux Europeans et c'est pour cela que l'Europe rearch tourjour des jouers en Afrique pour leur faire gagner des grandes competitions!

A chaque competition national-regional-international, les leaders European sont aux stades pour supporter leurs équipes!

La politique et le football sont de grands moyens pour l'Europe de gagner de l'argent, donc, fiéreté nationale qui les unis!

La France envoie, chaque année, des spécialists pour recruter des jeunes talant Africans & les faire jouers pour la France: les jeunes African sont amener en France et donner l'éducation-soin de santé-logement...!

Le président élu Liberian a eu la chance en France/Europe avec le football et j'espère qu' il a appris comment gouverner et va donner une chance pour son pay maintenant!
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0 #16 Akot 2017-12-31 18:55
Jsseb, it's still me!

The reason museveni is still pissing on us is because we have not woken up to see the zone the demon wants belongs to ALL of us & we will be thrown out, then, being a muganda/acholi won't save us nor our lands, unless we Unite & tell museveni 'the tribal lands that form Uganda belong to us & not you"!

Such a pitty-shame that neither Buganda or Acholi are aware they too, as the other tribes, will be foreigners without tribal land to belong to when museveni manoeuvers his way & owns our country!

We are used by museveni to own Uganda, yet we find it normal to ask if Akot-Jsseb are real Acholi/Muganda simply because we want not only Bagandans-Acholi to wake up, but ALL tribes becuse the country belongs to us & not to museveni & it's only TOGETHER we can stop him owning each & every tribal land & make us foreigners-landless!
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