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Observer locker: Can Arsenal win more trophies this season?

Arsenal's 4-1 post-match penalty win over Chelsea in the FA Community Shield on Sunday has been seen as a launchpad for the Gunners' conquest of league success this season....

Mugalu: Bannange, congratulations to Arsenal for beating Chelsea on Sunday.
Bamulanzeki: Ya, it feels good to win. And we beat the champions by the way.
Atusiimire: You guys need to have a full page on Arsenal.
Mugalu: Of course; afterall you have won the double..

Bamulanzeki: Now you can hear the hate coming out of Mugalu.

Mugalu: But why? I just congratulated you guys. Wamma Mwami Zziwa, mukulike double.
Zziwa: Twala eri. Bulijjo, gw'otukulisa? Why don't you leave Arsenal alone and you concentrate on your Liverpool?
Nsimbe: Mugalu is offering  it in  a spirit of fair-play, but your response is so negative.
Zziwa: Mugalu is always talking about Arsenal. Why can't he talk about Salah and Liverpool?

Mugalu: But for us of Liverpool, we have not won a single thing.
Zziwa: But you said recently that Arsenal is a worthless team, that you are going to beat at each turn.
Mugalu: That is not true; I said Uefa should have drawn you in the Champions League instead of us, since Arsenal are the stronger side, having played in the Champions League for 16 consecutive years!
Zziwa: Kati gw'obigaba ebifo? Who tells you that Arsenal wants Liverpool's champions league place?

Mugalu: I saw how sad Kiyonga was, when Arsenal finished outside the top-four.
Kiyonga: Now, you listen to this creature, whose legend is Jamie Carragher, also talking.
Zziwa: I have never seen a person with so much intrigue like Mugalu.
Mugalu: I am just being courteous. Zziwa said he will never watch Thursday night football..

Zziwa: I don't watch Europa League.
Nsimbe: But anything is possible. Following Arsenal's Emirates cup win, yet they won only one game and lost the other, but Sevilla won two and were runners-up!
Kabuye: Naye, shall we survive an Arsenal side that takes such good penalties and also has Lacazette?
Zziwa: Kabuye has never seen Liverpool win a league title, but he is also shouting. Bannayuganda!
Mwesigwa: Let Arsenal win all the pre-season doubles, as we of United win the real thing.

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