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Observer locker: El Clasico fever!

The anticipated clash between Real Madrid and Barcelona at the Santiago Bernabeu this Sunday, has had the locker-room in serious discussion and debate...

Zziwa: Ssebo mwami Mugalu, Barcelona were unable to continue in the champions league.
Mugalu: Eh! How come you failed to score seven goals?
Zziwa: But Mugalu, Barcelona just needed four goals to edge out Juventus. What causes your obsession with seven goals?
Mugalu: But the other time you scored six against PSG. I thought you would add one more goal.
Zziwa: Naye people, I have not met a bad-hearted person like Mugalu. Just listen to how he is gloating and celebrating Barcelona's failure.

Nsimbe: But what has Mugalu said, that makes him a bad person?
Zziwa: I would have expected Mugalu to be sensitive because he of all people knows that Barcelona has been struggling of late.
Mugalu: But isn't it Barcelona with Suarez, Messi and Neymar; best front three in the world?
Zziwa: Kale ssebo. From your talk, it seems Liverpool scores seven.

Kabuye: Kati where has Liver- pool come from, to be added to this conversation?
Zziwa: Ha, the Liverpool spokesman in the T-shirt has arrived.
Kabuye: No, no, no.....leave Liverpool out of your talk. We are above Arsenal on the table.
Zziwa: By the way, Kabuye, your Liverpool team has not won the league since 1990, yet you are boasting around like you are world beaters.

Kabuye: I am also surprised that you still have a nerve to talk, when you have never won the Champions League. Bayern Munich also beat you 10-2.
Zziwa: Even Bayern that you praise lost 3-6 to Real Madrid.
Kabuye: But for you it was 10-2, there is a difference.
Zziwa: I even wonder why I am talking to you anyway. There are some people I should never talk football to like you.

Atusiimire: I also told people here never to laugh at Arsenal after the Bayern game. Just see how Bayern suffered too.
Kiyonga: But you also; what value do you add to this discussion.
Atusiimire: Gwe Kiyonga, by the way, I know more football than you. You have never even played the game?

Kiyonga: Ha! Don't make me laugh. Wamma let us talk about how Zidane is going to crush Luis Enrique on Sunday.
Zziwa: I don't see Barcelona winning this time. They really lack balance.
Mwesigwa: Nze I don't really care who wins the El Clasico. For me seeing Barcelona out of Europe is satisfactory.
Nsimbe: Barcelona aren't in top form. Derbies defy form. Besides, Real Madrid aren't spectacular either.
Kiyonga: What do you mean? How can you suggest that Zidane's team isn't spectacular? You are just on drugs.

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