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Uganda Netball Federation president Sarah Kityo granted bail

The Uganda Netball Federation (UNF) president Sarah Kityo Babirye has been granted bail after spending a night in Luzira prison.

She has been granted and also ordered by the Anti-Corruption court to deposit her passport and Shs 7 million cash while her sureties were bonded at Shs 60 million non-cash. 

"I thank God that I am out on bail, I am happy for the support I get from Ugandans who love the truth, I thank the media, especially social media, you have put pressure and these people are now acting in panic, I can't thank you enough," she is quoted as saying by UNF on X (formerly Twitter).

Indeed, following her arrest, many Ugandans took to social media to express their disgust at the "witchhunt" by the government officials whose alleged corruption Kityo exposed before the public.

Kityo has had a long run-in with the National Council for Sports (NCS) and Education and Sport minister, also First Lady Janet Museveni. She was remanded yesterday on allegations of false accounting for Shs 186 million that the government paid for the national netball team to participate in the Pent Series tournament in Namibia in 2021.

Kityo has always accused NCS secretary general Patrick Bernard Ogwel of availing her only Shs 186 million but demanding accountability of Shs 425 million instead. Babirye also earlier cited the netball team trip to South Africa in 2021 for the Male Netball Championship where Ogwel reportedly demanded Shs 40 million cash in kickback out of the released Shs 100 million.

Similar allegations were levelled against Ogwel by the Uganda Boxing Federation (UBF) president Moses Muhagi, who was also earlier in May this year also remanded to Luzira prison on charges of forgery and uttering a false document.

Muhangi was accused together with Lydia Namutebi who is the former accountant of UBF, between March and April 2022 at the head offices of the federation in Lugogo in Kampala district of forging a company receipt of Tents 4 U Company Ltd.

This came after Muhangi alleged that in 2019 while taking a team to participate in the 2020 Olympic qualifiers, UBF was given only Shs 45 million by NCS but the federation was instead requested to account for Shs 600 million. 

Kityo was earlier this year ordered by Ms Museveni to vacate office to allow for investigations into alleged misappropriation of funds and mismanagement of UNF. Even when she was cleared by the Inspector General of Government (IGG) of any wrongdoing, Ms Museveni still ordered her out of office and replaced her with her deputy former army spokesperson Brig General Molly Byekwaso, a decision Kityo soundly and roundly opposed.

The first lady then ordered NCS to cancel the certificate of recognition of UNF which effectively withdrew the She Cranes from the ongoing Africa Netball Cup at the University of Botswana Indoor Facility in Gaborone. The She Cranes is ranked the number one team in Africa and number five in the world after its recent feats in the Netball World Cup held in South Africa.


+2 #1 Remase 2023-12-01 21:58
Fellow Ugandans, here is the real deal, we have the minister of Education and sports who is a well known hardcore organized criminal, just like her husband, M7.

Janet M7 was caught with a briefcase loaded with millions of dollars which she couldn't explain how she got it. Furthermore, She used to write notes demanding unspecified amount of dollars from the NSSF director every month.

Now, Janet M7 is in charge of the second largest budget in billions of money! If she was caught with millions of dollars which was unaccounted for, and also demanded unspecified amount of dollars from the NSSF, how about now when no body is asking her how she spends the second largest budget in the nation?

Now, because she doesn't like Babilye, but she prefers her partner in crime, Brigadire Byekwaso, the poor Babilye is now facing cooked up charges against her!
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-5 #2 Mubiru 2023-12-02 00:59
According to the video clip in which Sarah Babirye appears after her release the issue which matters is ACCOUNTABILITY.

Her plausible explanation to clear her name should better be addressed to court of law instead of seeking sympathy from public.

She doesn't deny that she never received the amount of money in dispute. Let her account for the expenses the very way she did when she addressed the media with genuine supporting documents.

Thr court will decide instead of wasting time presumably seeking powerless public opinion. NON ACCOUNTABILITY is the killer disease anthrax responsible for Kampala City to be the pit in which all sewage is damped while the potholes are as deep as graves.

That's just one example but non accountability is responsible for stealing billions of public money and resources with impunity since the thieves are well connected and untouchable. So Sarah Kityo Babirye as a sports woman the ball is in your hands.
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+1 #3 apollo 2023-12-02 13:25
Very sad turn of events. What Ms. Babirye needs to do is very simple.

I should assume that per diems, accommodation and air tickets are straightforward. They want to nab her on miscellaneous expenses. Any good accountant can assist her with that.

She can as well turn the tables on them if she gets in touch with a good team of consultants. They are available and can give the assistance.
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+3 #4 Remase 2023-12-03 02:58
Mubiru, you got that right, "powerless public opinion." Mubiru, be honest enough and go further to say, since M7 captured our state, he and his wife Janet M7 have done nothing but to loot our country naked.

Mubiru, when have they faced the law? Mubiru, neither M7 or Janet M7 have ever denied that they are hardcore organized criminals, in fact they have made our nation a family business in which they decide who take what ministry and/or how much they could ever loot! Al in the name of "powerless public opinion," right?
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