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Kyabazinga has never been married - Busoga kingdom

Kyabazinga Gabula Nadiope

Kyabazinga Gabula Nadiope

Busoga kingdom's premier, Dr Joseph Muvawala has roundly dismissed claims that the Kyabazinga, William Gabula Nadiope IV is already married to another woman.

On Thursday, lawyers representing Anna Alison, a woman based in the United Kingdom, wrote to Dr Stephen Kazimba, the Archbishop of the Church of Uganda claiming that their client was legally married to the Kyabazinga and that the two sired children.

The lawyers, Mugerwa and Partners Advocates and Solicitors said that any other marriage to another woman would amount to committing bigamy. Nadiope is slated to wed Jovia Mutesi next week on November 18.

While addressing journalists at the Busoga Kingdom headquarters today Saturday, Muvawala said that the reports are intended to tarnish the King and his subjects. Muvawala further said that the petition by Allison's lawyers has no marriage certificate as required for proof of marriage as alleged.

"His Majesty William Gabula Nadiope IV has never been married to anyone under the known forms of marriage in Uganda or elsewhere. He has never sired any children and is not a British citizen. And the purported Alison Ann Gabula is unknown to him. There is no record of any marriage of his majesty in the United Kingdom or anywhere else in the world and the content of the said letter is subject to police investigations," said Muvawala.

Muvawala further revealed that the kingdom has formally informed the police about the matter and has started investigations. He added that some people he declined to reveal have been arrested. He said the kingdom has also instructed lawyers to commence civil and criminal proceedings against all persons involved in the scheme to tarnish Kyabazinga’s name.

"As the kingdom, I have formally reported these malicious and defamatory occurrences to the police and other security agencies who have since commenced investigations into this criminal and illicit activities intended to create public panic and anxiety among the Basoga and the general public. The investigations have since led to the arrest of some culprits who are offering useful guidance on the motive and the person behind this social media blackmail activity. And the general activity public will be notified on the subsequent action and prosecution," he added.

On Saturday, Muvawala received a Shs 51 million contribution from Kaliro High School, 150 crates of soda, 100 cartons of plastic soda, and 100 cartons of water from Century Bottling Company.


+1 #1 Akao 2023-11-11 17:48
But this Kyabazinga should come out and tell us the truth. How come he is the only royal getting married in recent years that have lots of women running after him.

Is there something special about him that we are missing? There is also this woman in Canada who states he is the true wife of the kyabazinka, but that one seems to have mental illness, she posts different men on social media every week that she is in a relationship with them. The only person constant in her posting is the king of busoga
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+3 #2 Mubiru 2023-11-12 03:39
Collecting money is the easiest but very profitable job in Uganda where accountability for funds is non existent Tax collectors generate trillions while Uganda being a beggar economy gets other trillions from so called donors while still borrowing billions from the same sources.

If there was any Accountability Uganda wouldn't have flooded broken roads and bridges just to cite one example. No one in Uganda can explain how they build mansions, palaces other fabulous possessions on salaries ranging from 3m to about 40m monthly claimed.

The only something remotely similar to accountability is "inflation accounting". Without accusing those responsible for fund raising for the Kyabazinga wedding who from obvious past examples can question the well connected powerful collectors a wedding cake costing 50,000 and reported to cost them ug 5m?

Anybody complaing of the bill will be blackmailed as Kyabazinga basher and Busoga hater. I don't care but money collected must not be eaten.
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0 #3 kabayekka 2023-11-12 15:47
What is the sexual commotion is this article all about?

If this African guy has never married and has no sexual orientation instincts(sexual abstinence) whatsoever to start a marriage, good luck for him indeed. He is a virgin!

One understands Basoga women know very well what to give him in his great and expensive African marriage. Mr. Joseph Muvawala is not a SENGA and should not continue to bother this national political police about Nadiope's sexual adventures or exploitations and orientations probably only if this lady complainant has information about Gabula being a homosexual in this dictatorship of a country?
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+1 #4 Lysol 2023-11-12 19:46
Some of these African men are always attracted to white or Asian ladies with Borderline Personality Disorder, BPD
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0 #5 kasede 2023-11-13 23:42
Quoting Lysol:
Some of these African men are always attracted to white or Asian ladies with Borderline Personality Disorder, BPD

A white or brown or yellow or black woman should not be a matter of concern. The issue is within "sexual transmision of Kingship".

Look here, that transmission system is not secure. Just look carefully: Nilots are kings on the top of some Bantu Kingdoms in Uganda, aren't they? JUST ACCEPT THAT NATURAL PROCESS OF RIGGING KINGSHIP. AMEN.
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