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IGG Kamya orders audit into Emyooga funds in Soroti

IGG Beti Kamya (R) with representative of LCV Chairperson of Soroti, RDC Ssalim Kumakech and CAO, Andrew Ochen

IGG Beti Kamya (R) with representative of LCV Chairperson of Soroti, RDC Ssalim Kumakech and CAO, Andrew Ochen

The Inspector General of Government (IGG), Beti Olive Kamya has ordered the accounting officers of Soroti district and the city council to submit documents and reports of Emyooga and the procurement plan for the 2022/2023 financial year.

Kamya issued the directives during her on-spot-check visit to Soroti on Thursday.

“For today, my team will be looking at Emyooga. I want all the names of Saccos, the amount of money received per Sacco, the beneficiaries, and their contacts submitted by close of the day,” Kamya said.

She also asked the Soroti chief administrative officer, Andrew Ochen to produce the procurement plan for the last financial year with all the adverts and the award letters to different contractors. 

According to Kamya, while their mandate is to foster strict adherence to the rule of law by eliminating corruption and abuse of office, her visit to Teso is to interact with the institutions of government in order to find better means of service delivery. 

In the report submitted to the minister of state for Microfinance, Haruna Kasolo Kyeyune last month, only 20 per cent of the Emyooga funds disbursed to the communities in Soroti district had been recovered. Some of the targeted groups like the mechanics, taxi operators, and journalists declined to take the money which they dubbed “NRM money”.

However, Kamya added that arrests and prosecutions of public servants over corruption are like postmortem, arguing for preventive measures through creating awareness of strict adherence to the rule of law.

“We need a mindset change for our communities. Look at our health facilities; there are no drugs but you find people praising the corrupt who amass wealth fraudulently when they come with pocket change to relieve them from the agony of losing their beloved ones,” she said.

She reiterated that corruption practices cost Uganda more than Shs 10 trillion annually. Soroti district council speaker, Stephen Olebe asked the IGG’s office to intervene in the several cases that the district is battling in the courts of law over unresolved conflicts arising from lack of resources.

“Local governments are limping because of the meager funding from the central government. Some of the little monies that we get also end up in court battles,” Olebe said.

Information from sources in the district indicates that Soroti is battling over 40 cases in different cases over contracts and other complaints. 


+1 #1 Mubiru 2023-11-12 15:49
Nothing lasts forever. One day the corrupt powerful group of thieves and tribalists will be forced to "vomit" the public funds and other resources the eat every minute of the day.

Public money ENTANDIKWA now called Emyoga their proper term to resonate with the tribal imbalance of donating over 40% of all powerful top lucrative jobs to Western Region are just wasted.

Currently due to the broken flooded bridge of Katonga n body can cross. Images show that traders many of whom may have used emyoga for business are stranded on either side because they can't cross to sell their merchandise.

Even education is affected because the soaked wet school children who are helped to cross to reach school can't study and concentrate in wet uniforms. Emyoga is another way of stealing public money.
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+1 #2 Mubiru 2023-11-12 18:29
IGG Olive Kamya's order to audit Soroti Council finance are ment to please the gullible poor financially oppressed public.

She is well aware that her own recommendations to punish connected thieves and the several professionally audited accounts submitted by one of the most capable Accountants in Uganda of international repute just gather spiders web without being implemented.
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+1 #3 Lakwena 2023-11-13 08:35
In other words, as above, the "order" is a laughing matter not to be taken seriously.

Otherwise, that everything our "Unconstitutional Problem of Africa" pronounces and/or direct is for purposes of service delivery or sic Emyooga; Bonna bagaggawale; Entandikwa, wealth creation, blah, blah black sheep have you any wool, are but hoodwink nonsense.
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