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150 killed as floods hit Libya following powerful storm

 Flooded Marj in Libya

Flooded Marj in Libya

The international Red Crescent humanitarian group says at least 150 people are dead in Libya, with reports of hundreds more feared dead, as torrential rains from the powerful Mediterranean Storm Daniel swept through the eastern part of the country Sunday and Monday.

Video posted to social media showed streets turned to raging rivers in the cities of Benghazi, Sousse, Al Bayda, Al-Marj and Derna.

A spokesman for the Libyan Red Crescent told Reuters that 150 people were killed in the eastern city of Derna after a building collapsed. Authorities believe the toll could reach 250 after water levels reportedly rose to 3 meters. Media reports say two dams collapsed in the city of about 100,000 people, with entire neighborhoods washed away.

Libyan Prime Minister Ossama Hamad told Libya’s Al Masar television that 2,000 people were feared dead in Derna alone, with thousands of others believed to be missing. He declared the city a disaster area.

Hamad did not give a source for his data, and news agencies were not able to verify the figures in a country politically split east and west with two rival administrations, and where public services have crumbled since a 2011 NATO-backed uprising that toppled longtime dictator Moammar Gadhafi.

Daniel is expected to arrive in parts of western Egypt on Monday. The country's meteorological authorities warned about possible rain and bad weather. The storm caused deadly flooding in Greece last week.


0 #1 kabayekka 2023-09-12 06:57
Well, as economic facts are being analysed, everything in this world nowadays costs money.

Even the war former long time African President Gadaffi called on his country is now definitely costing this oil rich country lots of money for many years and counting!
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+1 #2 Webz 2023-09-12 11:24
All weather devastations are blamed on climate change. While that may be partly true, are devastating earthquakes also the result of global warming?
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+1 #3 Lakwena 2023-09-12 14:20
We just can't predict or tell what Mother Nature has in stock for us, especially when we think and brag of conquering nature.

In other words, unless we leave nature to its "absolute design", there are more heavy prices to be paid with our lives.

Otherwise, Mother Nature is very patient with our selfishness, ignorance, arrogance (pretense to know) and acts of stupidity until we start learning the hard way.

And if we still do not learn the hard way through minor disasters like droughts, she becomes unforgiving. And she humbles us by pouncing on us with the mother of disasters, like earthquakes (in Morocco, and the unheard of flood in the Sahara Desert (Libya), and with nowhere to complain and/or turn to for help.
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