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Police dog Scooby tracks for 2km man who killed neighbours pigs

Kagwire after arrest

Kagwire after arrest

Kiwoko town council police station is holding a one Mugisa Kagwire for animal cruelty after he killed three pigs and two goats belonging to Gorette Namakula, a fellow resident of Mabadde village, Kiwoko town council in Nakaseke district.

On the afternoon of Thursday, May 25, Namakula was shocked to find her animals killed in their shed and alerted the police, which swiftly swung into action by introducing a sniffer dog, Scooby, at the crime scene. 

Handled by police constable Richard Okidi Komakech, Scooby picked up the scent and tracked it for two kilometres up to a home belonging to Bulaimu Onguyo.

Upon seeing the police dog, Kagwire took off from a bathing shelter and disappeared in the nearby garden. Police conducted a search and found bloodstained clothes and gumboots in the house. 

Police decided to arrest Onguyo, but as they were leaving his compound, Kagwire came out of the coffee plantation, surrendered himself to police and confessed to the killing of animals.

It remains unclear why he killed the animals, but residents who preferred anonymity said the land on which the animals were kept is disputed by various parties.


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