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Judiciary driver Kisambira released on bail

Kisambira's lawyers Derrick Bazekuketta (L) and Stanley Okecho (R) at court

Kisambira's lawyers Derrick Bazekuketta (L) and Stanley Okecho (R) at court

The Standards, Utilities and Wildlife court in Kampala has granted bail to Stanley Kisambira the embattled judiciary driver.

Court presided over by chief magistrate Gladys Kamasanyu on Thursday granted Kisambira a non-cash bail of Shs 10 million and his sureties who included his wife Grace Mukisa Lugolole, his nephew Patrick Wambi and his fellow driver in the judiciary Francis Mbaziira were also bonded at Shs 5 million non-cash.

Kisambira was first arrested last week at Central police station in Kampala and released on bond after an audio clip went viral in which Kisambira is heard protesting low pay, and saying that he can commit murder-suicide by ramming into a truck, killing his principal and bodyguard and himself.

He was arrested on Monday after reporting to police as part of his bond conditions. He was taken to Buganda Road Magistrate's court and appeared before grade one magistrate Fidelis Otwao who read to him the charges against him.

Court heard that on May 12, Kisambira through a computer shared on the Judiciary Transport WhatsApp group information recorded audio which was likely to promote hostility against judges in the judiciary.

Stanley Kisambira

He was remanded until June 2 and asked to apply for bail before magistrate Asuman Muhumuza on that day. The Standards Utilities and Wildlife court issued a production warrant for Kisambira requiring Uganda Prisons to produce him to court without fail.

Kamasanyu read to Kisambira charges afresh which he denied. His lawyers from GEM Advocates led by Derrick Bazekuketta and Stanley Okecho applied for bail.

Bazekuketta told the court that the charges against their client are bailable and that he is still presumed to be innocent until proven to be guilty. He said Kisambira's charges do not involve violence but instead relate to issues of poor remuneration of drivers by the judiciary where he has worked for 16 years.

Bazekuketta added that Kisambira has a fixed place of abode in Sazagula Zone, Mukono district which is in the jurisdiction of the court and presented an introduction letter from his LC I chairman from his ancestral residence in Namawambi A Cell in Uganda.

Prosecution led by Allan Mucunguzi opposed the bail application on the grounds that he might abscond from trial since he has not produced an introduction letter from the place where he normally resides.

Mucunguzi added that he also doesn't have an introduction letter from his employer and as such there is no proof that he is employed by the judiciary.

In her ruling, Kamasanyu said that she was satisfied with the submissions by Kisambira's lawyers that he has presented his employment identity card, is still presumed to be innocent, and has a fixed place of residence and work.

She noted that Kisambira’s sureties have proven to the court that they know him and demonstrated capacity to compel him to return to court and as such have been found to be substantial. She adjourned the case to June 12.


+1 #1 Mubiru 2023-05-26 21:36
Daily Mail a British news daily has reported that No 10 the office and residence of the British Prime Minister has been damaged after driver smashed into Downing Street gates.

The Prime Minister Rish Sunak who was in in his office is as powerful as African Presidents although he is answerable to Parliament which African dictators ignore.

King Charles is powerless like Sir Edward Mutesa when he was President and Obote was his Prime Minister. The white driver was not beaten or manhandled but simply arrested by Police with no guns taken away handcuffed.

He was arrested on suspicion of criminal damage and dangerous driving but not terrorism. I leave it to readers to imagine what would to happen to that man if he smashed into the gates of an African Presidents office cum residence.

Kisambira is accused of just utterances and not what ththat UK man did. If he did in Africa he would be shot dead including anything around movable or not killed as TERRORISTS followed by Curfew
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