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Govt borrows Shs 4.4 trillion to clear salaries

State House is one of the beneficiaries of the supplementary budget

State House is one of the beneficiaries of the supplementary budget

Parliament has given the government the green light to borrow over Shs 4.4 trillion to cover additional expenses including paying salaries and wages.

The request was contained in s supplementary request submitted by ministry of Finance last week. The approval was contained in the budget committee's report presented to the House chaired by speaker Anita Among.

From the supplementary, ministry of Defence and the army will receive Shs 620 billion, State House Shs 193 billion meant to clear salaries, wages, and other expenditures.

Ministry of Education will receive Shs 50 billion for salaries, while the Health ministry will be allocated Shs 134 billion. Additionally, the Electoral Commission will receive Shs 35 billion for salaries, and treasury operations will receive Shs 228 billion for salaries, wages, and other expenses.

Butambala MP Muhammad Muwanga Kivumbi who authored a minority report wanted the budget reduced by Shs 108 billion. The money is allocated to ministry of Trade and intended for the purchase of equipment to be leased to Atiak Sugar Works, a private entity where the government owns minority shares.


+2 #1 Lakwena 2023-05-18 16:04
In Uganda the word "Budget" has become a nonsensical, meaningless dirty word.

In other words, you would think the country is being run by a bunch of illiterate roadside sugarcane growers and sellers.

A sugarcane grower and/or seller has no sense budgetary discipline. He would harvest his canes, sells them and a the end of day's sale; carry all the cash in his pocket to the Kwete, Marwa, Tonto, Mwenge Bigere whatever and bragging like a rich and squanders everything.

The stupidity goes on until the tinny plantation is wiped of canes. And before he or the wife knew it, there will no money for School fees for the next school term.

That is Uganda under the leadership of Gen Tibuhaburwa. Bragging and squandering our tax money on exaggerating insecurity, which is his Golden Calf and boggy creature to spook Ugandans into permanent fear.
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+1 #2 Joe 2023-05-19 05:13
I have liked Lakwena's comment #1 above about a bragging sugarcane seller. The analogy is funny but true.

Most folks get satisfied with short-term benefits, and so, don't do strategic planning. Change will ultimately find them unprepared. Most resources get exhausted/depleted. I invite all to read Spencer Johnson's book, "Who Moved My Cheese".
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