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Fire claims 3 lives in Kyengera

Three people were killed in a night fire outbreak in Kinawa cell in Kyengera town council, Wakiso district.

The victims have been identified as Halima Nankaja, a 50-year-old landlady, Ayubu, a 3-year-old male juvenile and grandson of Halima, and Aisha Nambi, a 13-year-old female juvenile.

Patrick Onyango, Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson, says that initial reports show that the victims entered their double-room residential house, locked the doors, and went to sleep. Sometime during the night, a fire broke out within the house while they were asleep, trapping them inside.

“… neighbours saw the fire and had to dig through the walls and cut the metallic doors to gain access,” he said in a statement.

He explains that upon entering the premises, the residents discovered the lifeless body of the baby, who had been burned beyond recognition. Halima had already succumbed to the fire, while Aisha, although severely burnt, was still alive. She later died on arrival at Kiruddu hospital.

The local police were alerted of the incident and responded swiftly, dispatching fire trucks to the scene. However, before the fire brigade arrived, the residents managed to extinguish the flames using their own means. The lack of clear access roads hindered the fire brigade's timely arrival at the scene.

The five single rental rooms attached to the same house were successfully spared from the fire. According to Onyango, the bodies of two of the victims were retrieved from the fire and transferred to the city mortuary for postmortem examinations. 

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