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Opposition critic Isma Olaxess shot dead in Kyanja

RIP: Isma Olaxxes

RIP: Isma Olaxxes

Self-styled vlogger, Ibrahim Lubega Tusibira aka Isma Olaxess aka Jajja Ichuli has been shot dead near his home in Kyanja, a Kampala suburb, a few days after he celebrated the death of former state minister for Labour, Employment and Industrial Relations, Charles Engola.

Engola was shot dead on Tuesday morning by his own bodyguard Private Wilson Sabiti inside his home also in Kyanja before also shooting himself following disagreements over unpaid salary and allowances. Ichuli would afterwards accuse government officials of treating their lower-ranked staff as trash, saying even more will be killed.

Ichuli's shooting is reminiscent of the previous killings of former Buyende district police commander Muhammad Kirumira, former police spokesperson Andrew Felix Kaweesi and former MP Ibrahim Abiriga who were attacked from all sides, and their vehicles showered with bullets.

Ichuli, 59, has been an outspoken critic and he had made a career out of attacking the opposition National Unity Platform (NUP) party and its president Robert Kyagulanyi.

In fact, following the November 2020 riots in which as per government's own admission over 56 were shot dead, Ichuli said security ought to have killed more opposition supporters so as to show Kyagulanyi and his supporters how the state is in charge. He would, later on, apologise for the reckless statements, saying he made them at the peak of presidential election campaigns when emotions were very.

It is not only opposition supporters who tasted his bitter tongue, he previously attacked prime minister Robinah Nabbanja, speaker Anita Among, and businessman Hamis Kiggundu among others though by the time of his death he'd made up with them and would publicly admit to now working for them.

This week, he again vented out his frustration with the government, saying they had 'used' him during a volatile campaign and had now abandoned and dumped him. He'd vowed not to campaign for the ruling party ever again come 2026, saying they often forget about their foot soldiers as soon they regain power.

According to earlier interviews that he conducted, he lived in Sweden before he got deported to Uganda. He set up a painting company but has always been complaining about the lack of contracts.


+3 #1 ugthinker 2023-05-06 23:38
so sad that human life is becoming valueless every day!

In the words of Dr Kizza Besigye, “ wano wetuli omusiru wakufa”. Ugandans ignoring those words of caution from the doyen, do so at their own peril!
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+11 #2 WADADA rogers 2023-05-06 23:54
He has been blowing a trumpet for the ruling party, now they have finished him and will crown him with a state burial.

Now will soon arrest some opposition Muslims and throw them behind bars
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+2 #3 Jose 2023-05-07 05:25
Jaaja Iculi !!!! Now why on earth would you kill just a blogger, ahh!! Thats not very good , a blogger!!!
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0 #4 kabayekka 2023-05-07 05:46
Dodgy modern journalist who would criticise any human being walking on this world?

So then one wants to ask. Were the writers of the Gospel some thosands of years ago a Christian biased lot, and deserved to die like their living God, they enjoyed writing about did? Exactly what is going wrong with the civilization of this world?
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+7 #5 Rwatoro 2023-05-07 06:10
Isiima, rest in peace. Those people you supported because you believed they were sincere to you were actually the ones who killed you.

Because of your criticism of the NUP's leaders and supporters—which you did too much of, believing that doing so would make you secure—they are now rejoicing. It’s a big lesson to NRM bloggers!
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+1 #6 Quackoo 2023-05-07 09:49
Eyakubye Jaja Ichuli yakoze bubi, Aphadali singa yakubyeemu ki Foolfiga ekyaasama obwasama?
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0 #7 Kent Mawa 2023-05-07 10:09
Ensi egula mirambo

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+4 #8 Benjamin Bbaale 2023-05-07 11:20
The blood of patriots, sycophants, and tyrants must be sprinkled on the tree of liberty from time to time. It is its own manure.

I have yet to learn whether ichuli died as a patriot, a sycophant, or a tyrant.
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