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MPs reject police's Shs 26bn supplementary budget to maintain CCTV cameras

CCTV cameras on the road

CCTV cameras on the road

Parliament's defence and internal affairs committee has rejected a Shs 26 billion supplementary budget request by the police to fund the maintenance of CCTV cameras in the country. 

Lawmakers have cited concerns over the quality and non-functionality of some of the security cameras, calling for a comprehensive review of the entire CCTV project. 

During a meeting with different security agencies led by the minister of State for Internal Affairs Gen David Muhoozi on Tuesday, the committee chaired by Rosemary Nyakikongoro challenged the police, stating that the security camera project has largely not met the expectations of Ugandans.   

Nyakikongoro observed that the police needs to be more effective in producing video footage to show criminals after its own officer was recently killed by assailants near a security camera. Jonathan Odur, the Erute South MP, supported Nyakikongoro’s observation, describing some of the security cameras as “dummies” which cannot record any footage.  

Bashir Lubega, the Mubende Municipality legislator, proposed the need to comprehensively review the entire CCTV project before the government can disburse more money for the same.  

Yusuf Sewanyana, the acting police director of ICT, explained that the quality of the footage and longevity of the installed cameras are usually affected by the weather, thus requiring periodic maintenance. 

Currently, the police are soliciting Shs 187 billion to implement phase III of the CCTV project that will fill existing gaps within the Kampala metropolitan area and other areas across the country. In FY 2023/2024, the police have been allocated Shs 830.6 billion against a revised budget of Shs 975.4 billion in the current FY 2022/2023. 


+2 #1 kabayekka 2023-03-30 08:38
God bless him. He would have been killed in these many so called African liberation civil wars right away like his counter part African liberators.

Eg P. Lumumba, Rhigyema, Muteesa II, Tom Mboya, Ben Kiwanuka, Kayiira. The list goes on long enough about African greed for state power for many years of African history and counting!
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+1 #2 Lakwena 2023-03-30 13:21
But for Heaven and Hell's sake how many units of simple, but decent accommodation would Shs 26bn build for our homeless Police personnel?

No wonder we are told, because of the poverty, over-work and dehumanizing working and living condition of officers; over 1,000 desert the Force every year!

In other words, except though the dirty procurement process and there are direct dirty beneficiaries of insecurity; when shall we have our priorities right (concern, love and service for fellow countrymen/women and children)?
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+1 #3 Akot 2023-03-30 18:52
Uganda's problem is not security cameras but Museveni, kept in power by Ugandans, the only ones who can end his ownership of their land in UNITY, then put in place the kind of governance they want, then ensure they are well governed/served through real parliament!

Nothing will change & things will only get worse for Ugandans as Museveni gets older, angry!

Even Museveni's son will replace him after his death, at +90 years of age!

Until then, tribally divided ruled Ugandans are alone with Museveni & USA/UK/EU will just watch & respect Ugandans' choise of ruler!
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+1 #4 Akot 2023-03-30 19:12
kabayekka, thanks.

African rulers hate their people & have made their miseries cinema they enjoy while eating!

See, these useless African rulers stand up before their poor to blame former colonilists who left +50 years ago!

What a pitty, USA/UK/EU are still members of useless UN in which useless African & other shitholes rulers openly spit on their poor!

Not even EU sees continued membership of defunct UN only make their desire for good democracy meaningless, as EU societies are in turmoil due to migration - people from lands ruled by demon dictators know their only chance is in USA/UK/EU!

USA/UK/EU, why have good governance, yet be members of defunct UN ensuring bad rule in shitholes, thus migration to your lands?

Did UK stop migration by changing PM every year?

Is building walls/wires in borders stopping migrants dying to reach developed world?
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