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Speaker Among returns Karamoja iron sheets

Speaker of parliament Anita Among

Speaker of parliament Anita Among

Speaker of parliament Anita Among has reportedly returned the 500 iron sheets meant for the vulnerable people in Karamoja. 

Over 12,000 iron sheets were irregularly dished out to different cabinet ministers and government officials by Karamoja Affairs minister Mary Goretti Kitutu. Public pressure has been mounting on the wrongful beneficiaries and Kitutu has since pleaded guilty to mismanagement and apologised to the country. 

A disburse voucher from the Office of Prime Minister (OPM) indicates that Among was one of the beneficiaries, and received 500 pieces of iron sheets, which she claims she distributed to government-aided schools in her constituency in Bukedea district.

Among yesterday said that she has since purchased 500 iron sheets and directed her personal assistant to take them to the OPM stores to demonstrate transparency and accountability on her side.

"I got a call that iron sheets have been brought and when they were taken, I said give it to this school. Little did I know that the iron sheets were meant for Karamoja region but after thorough analysis that the iron sheets were meant for Karamoja not Bukedea, I have taken a personal decision that since it was not allocated to the district but also the iron sheets were already given out, I have decided to buy 500 iron sheets and give it back," said Among. 

Manjiya County MP John Baptist Nambeshe observed that the decision taken by Among shows remorsefulness for the illegality committed and implored all other wrongful beneficiaries of the relief item to do the same. Kira Municipality MP Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda amused the House after he expressed concern over why some ministers such as prime minister Robinah Nabbanja who received 3,000 iron sheets have not yet been arrested by the police.

"Items for Karamoja will need to go to Karamoja. Madam speaker, yesterday the leader of government business was missing here. Even today she's missing. So I wanted to find out if she has been arrested because she took 3,000 iron sheets or she's writing a statement at police," said Ssemujju. 

Other ministers faulted for benefiting from the relief iron sheets include; Matia Kasaija, minister of Finance, his deputies Henry Musasizi and Amos Lugolobi, vice president Jessica Alupo, Denis Hamson Obua, government chief whip and Rebecca Kadaga, the minister of East Africa Community Affairs.

In December 2021, parliament passed a Shs 39 billion supplementary budget to support livelihood programmes in Karamoja. Of this Shs 22 billion was to purchase goats and Shs 5 billion for procuring 100,000 iron sheets but these items have largely been mismanaged.

The inspectorate of government, police and parliament's committee on presidential affairs are already investigating the iron sheets saga. Already the lawmakers under their umbrella Karamoja parliamentary group (KPG) have moved a motion in parliament seeking a resolution of the House to censure minister Kitutu and her junior minister, Agnes Nandutu for corruption and incompetence.


+5 #1 WADADA rogers 2023-03-16 22:10
are those iron sheets the same quality as the ones she took, are those iron sheets marked office of the prime minister, are they gauge 28.

where are the ones she took, a thief known by any other name is a thief
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+4 #2 kasede 2023-03-16 23:41
They are appointed to those offices to serve as M7's thieves, aren't they?

IT SMELLS WHAT IT IS - ROTTEN FISH FROM HEAD TO TAIL. That is also how they dished out THE ANNUALLY BUGETED BLOOD MONEY for Lweero Triangle for over 30 years.
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+4 #3 Lakwena 2023-03-17 08:46

What kind a country do we have when the Speaker of Parliament, the head of Legislature (law makes) shamelessly engages in illegality.

In other words, it is the 40-day self-fulfill prophecy for thieves; that finally caught up with the Madam Speaker Among of this country unaware.

Otherwise, where is the virtue of Prudence for leaders of Among and Matia Kasaijja caliber/position?

How many illegalities has she got away with?

That Among is remorseful and returns the iron sh*ts meant for the people of Karamoja, is but the usual crocodile theatrics.

In other words, how can people who knowingly take away food from the mouths of dying Ugandans feel remorseful? NYET,

If the Among and Amongi of this country can't resign after all their deliberate wrongdoing; they should give us break with their fake remorse?
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+3 #4 Lakwena 2023-03-17 09:01
Right from the appointing authority, Gen Tibuhaburwa the wrongdoer; PM Nabanja, the Among, Amongi, and Kasaijja of this country, are emotionally dry like Kalahari Desert.
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0 #5 Andymugisha 2023-03-17 11:13
We watcha, toka toka, kwenda wuko. Towa Wujinga yako hapa. Just commenting fwa... Dont you know that, the real thieves and illegality initiators decided to supply to everyone without there knowledge so as to die together?

Did the speaker personally use them? Don't you know they sent to her District 300 which were distributed to her contituents, and she gave back 500. But speaker is way Smart.
Towa manenonyako hapa
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0 #6 Mubiru 2023-03-17 17:52
The simple and clear theft of Government Mabati is an issue in a failed state of Uganda where stealing of the country's resources is the source of income of the well untouchable bandits.

Kagame would simply send them to prison as convicted robbers. Africa's iron lady in Tanzania would have sacked them immediately. In Kenya People's power would force them out of their ministerial jobs.

In Uganda under the pretence of fighting corruption some compromised impotent MPs are paid thousands to go Karamojja to investigate a case which has already been proved genuine, correct and accurate.

Very amazing. You find your wife, or woman/girl friend sleeping with another man in your house. You are forced to break into your bedroom after hearing your wife or woman/girl friend making very loud NOISES pleasing the thief.

Instead of taking immediate preventive action him you investigate to find out whether or not what you witnessed is true or not. You must be a failed man in life.
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