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Hope for Ugandan milk as Uganda, Algeria sign trade agreements

Algeria and Uganda signed two trade agreements

Algeria and Uganda signed two trade agreements

Algeria has agreed to buy Uganda's powdered milk, just a few days after Kenya announced plans to jealously protect its dairy farmers from imported milk products.

President Yoweri Museveni was in Algiers for a 3-day visit, and during the meeting between the delegations, it was revealed that at least 150 Algerian representatives of private and public organizations are to visit Uganda soon to explore available business opportunities. At least two agreements and five memoranda of understanding were signed between the two countries.

"We discussed issues on growing the prosperity of Africa; agreed to work together in the areas of trade, energy, education, agriculture, and counter-terrorism where they have experience in this, just like us," said Museveni.

Uganda is hoping to increase its agricultural exports to Algeria.

"We are looking at powdered milk which is already coming here, coffee, tea, and then products from Algeria of petroleum and petrochemicals," said Museveni from Algiers. 

Late last year, after a meeting with the Algerian ambassador to Uganda, Museveni said that the country had shown a willingness to buy powdered milk from Uganda worth $500 million. Frank Tumwebaze, the minister of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries said apart from milk, the MoUs signed cover several other items, like education, animal health, oil and gas, tourism, and trade.

"They will buy our powdered milk and coffee and later bananas. We shall in turn buy from them animal health drugs and others," he said.

Tumwebaze said what is needed now is improving production and product quality to match the requirements of the market. 

"Worry not anymore about the market for our dairy. The only condition is to perfect our value chain standards which so far have been approved!"


An agreement between Sonatrach, the national oil company of Algeria, and the Uganda Oil Refinery Holding Company Ltd was signed with the aim of participating in the development of Uganda's refinery.

Among the areas to be agreed on is for the Algerian parastatal to acquire a stake in the Ugandan company, which is yet to receive financing to commence construction.

"We are looking at Algeria investing in our refinery.  We want to build an inland refinery. It is absolutely necessary because it will cut transport costs seeing that we are far away from the coast," said Museveni after the meeting with his host.

Dr Michael Mugerwa, general manager of Uganda Refinery Holding Company, and Sonatrach chairman and CEO, Toufik Hakkar each signed for their respective countries. The MoU covers oil and gas cooperation upstream, midstream (refining and petrochemicals), downstream, capacity building, and oil & gas Services. 

Sonatrach's core activities include research, production, transport and development, and marketing of hydrocarbons. Other MoUs signed are for cooperation in the field of trade, higher education, and scientific research. Other agreements were in the areas of energy, agriculture, and animal health.


-3 #1 Ensi eno! 2023-03-14 16:38
Great news for Uganda's oil refinery project!!
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+3 #2 Remase 2023-03-14 17:32
Ensi eno, be clearer, great news for organized hardcore criminals, M7, his family, relatives and tribesmen and the militants who captured our country.
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+2 #3 WADADA rogers 2023-03-14 18:01
That is not something to celebrate for the other parts of Uganda, the likes of me dont have cows, they were stolen by karamajong warriors before they were carried in army trucks and taken to kiruhura, that contract will only benefit Museveni and his henchmen
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+2 #4 Mubiru 2023-03-14 19:21
Politics and Trade are glued together. Banning of Uganda milk by Kenya is not a surprise. Tanzania has removed all dictatorial restrictions on the Opposition inherited from Magufuli.

Thanks to the Tanzania President. Elections in Kenya may not be perfect but were far different from ours dominated by security forces answerable to only Museveni.

In Kenya and Tanzania they serve in the best interest of God and their country. Due predominance of the security staff on voting day all over the country you would think that Uganda is about to be invaded by foreign enemies The economic and political policies are so diametrically different among the 3 countries that it is only in Uganda where 90% of RDCs DPCs and other heads of organisations come from the Presidents region.

Exposing the imbalances is blackmailed as "inciting" . Fortunately there are many farsighted Ugandans from the favoured area disgusted with it. East African Federation is a day dream under the conditions.
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+2 #5 Lysol 2023-03-14 22:10
The regime does not know the simple economics of supply and demand and supply chain.
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