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Apac businessman shot dead outside his gate

The businessman was shot three times

The businessman was shot three times

Denis Angulu, a renowned businessman in Apac municipality, northern Uganda was on Friday shot dead by unknown gunmen. Angulu, 48, the former managing director of Deno and Sons Enterprises was shot dead outside his home gate in Ocokcan cell, Akere Division.

Angulu's body was found laying in a pool of blood shortly after the gunshots. Reports indicate that after supplying wholesale grocery items using his tipper truck, reg no. UAU 690Q, the deceased returned to his shop in the evening, loaded more items to be supplied the next morning, and balanced his books up to around 11:30 pm when he left for home in the same vehicle.

However, upon reaching his gate, armed men confronted Angulu before they shot him three times - in the head and twice in the stomach using an AK-47 rifle. 

“Our team led by the DPC on information that there were gunshots in that place immediately visited the scene and found the deceased laying on the ground in a pool of blood three cartridges and one live ammunition were recovered at the scene of the crime but the motive,” Patrick Jimmy Okema, North Kyoga police spokesperson said.

He added that “the motive is still not yet clear and we appeal for support from members of the public as we join hands together to hunt for the assassins. Also, we appeal to businessmen to be very careful of their personal security.”

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