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10 women arrested at Kalerwe over state kidnap protest

The women demostrate at Kalerwe

The women demostrate at Kalerwe

Police on Wednesday arrested 10 women who were demonstrating against the continued detention of opposition National Unity Platform (NUP) supporters.

The arrested are Kyeyune Stella, Nakiku Allen, Namatovu Milly, Nankya Fiona, Sselonga Rukia, and Bulungi Jackie. Others are Nantume Allen, Sylvia Ramuto, Apio Flavia, and Nyanzi Elizabeth.

They held placards reading, 'stop torture', 'Free my husband', and 'We want equality for Mrs. Olivia Lutaya". The women who had chained themselves were arrested from Kalwere market as they headed to the city centre. 

Nantume says that her husband Yasin Ssekitoleko was detained two years ago, and was the sole breadwinner for the family. Nantume adds that she can't celebrate Women's Day when her husband was abducted by security agencies. Nakibirango says that her close friend, Olivia Lutaya has been in prison for close to two years. 

Lutaya and 31 people are facing trial at the army court for being in illegal possession of 13 pieces of explosive devices. The state alleges that the crime was committed between November 2020 and May 2021 in areas of Jinja, Mbale, Kireka, Nakulabye, Kawempe, Natete, and Kampala Central.

Kampala Metropolitan police spokesperson Patrick Onyango said that the women planned the demonstration from the NUP offices at Kavule.


+2 #1 Akot 2023-03-09 15:01
Ugandans, please, all you need are;

- NO to the tribalistic system/tribal leaders standing
down, and


Museveni can never be removed by any political party because he owns Uganda!

It's Ugandans ensuring Museveni's lifetime rule; tribal leaders loyal in posts, police/army, fake parliamant, ministers, judges, prison officers/gards...ensuring Museveni's fake democracy & ownership of Uganda!

Ugandans, you are slaves of migrant Museveni, but can FREE yourselves & land, then form the kind of governance you want, just by UNITING & blocking him!

Why let Museveni enjoy you fighting one another, while his lifetime post is assured & his son is patiently waiting to replace him finally?
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