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Death at a funeral: 3 mourners killed at burial in Napak

FILE One of the mourners was killed by a stray bullet

FILE One of the mourners was killed by a stray bullet

Three mourners were killed in a scuffle that erupted on Sunday in Napak district during a funeral procession for the late Margrate Achan, 62, who died in a house fire.

The fire gutted 10 grass-thatched huts in Kalomerisiep village in Lorengecora sub-county on Saturday afternoon. Achan got trapped in her grass-thatched hut where her body was burnt beyond recognition.

However, during her burial on Sunday, a scuffle broke out between the relatives of the deceased and those of a nine-year-old child who is alleged to have caused the fire resulting in her death. 

Micheal Longole, Mt Moroto Regional police spokesperson said that the scuffle between the two families led to the death of two mourners who were lynched by a mob.

Longole said police responded quickly and calm down the situation amidst resistance from some people who were carrying stones, bows, and arrows that tried to harm the officers. According to Longole, the mob action prompted officers to fire live bullets to disperse them, unfortunately, a stray bullet hit a one Mariko Achia killing him on spot.

‘’It is not in our policy to shoot to kill unless the life of officers on duty is at stake,’’ Longole said.

He says that they have opened up a case of murder by shooting as investigations into the incident are ongoing.



0 #1 kambarage 2023-02-04 20:43
The government of Uganda has deliberately ignored the mental and physical development of the Karimojong, leaving them to be hungry, vindictive and many times irrational especially when provoked by anything light.

Those people have vast pieces of land that government can make productive by irrigation and agriculture can be affirmatively supported across the Karamoja green belt from the Land of Ik which is very fertile down through Napak and Abim where greenery has been sighted while effort is made to irrigate the lands of Kotido and the East of Kaabong which are currently dry and unattended.

This beside the gold mines of Lopedo, Oil and Marble in Loyoro can be made beneficial to the community if companies are made to pay concessions for community development. I feel that government has tried but not done enough. Karamojong are suffering amidst enormous wealth.
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