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MPs recalled from recess to handle censure against minister Namuganza

Speaker Anita Among

Speaker Anita Among

Members of parliament have been summoned from recess for a plenary sitting to specifically handle a censure motion against Persis Namuganza, the state minister of Lands, Housing and Urban Development.

The special session, according to the clerk to parliament Adolf Mwesige will take place this Friday. It comes barely two weeks after the deputy speaker of parliament Thomas Tayebwa adjourned the House with no appointed date for resumption.

However, in his communication to the House, he indicated that the process of a censure motion against Namuganza had already started and ‘would be followed to the latter’. Tayebwa’s communication followed a motion tabled by John Amos Okot, the Agago North MP seeking a resolution of parliament after 200 legislators signed a petition to support the censure motion against the minister for contempt of parliament.

This was in relation to comments that were made by Namuganza against a probe into the Nakawa-Naguru land giveaway. An ad-hoc committee of parliament that had been tasked to investigate the matter recommended that Namuganza steps aside for falsifying a presidential directive that misguided the Uganda Land Commission (ULC) to allocate the said land to some investors.

But Namuganza reportedly described the House as powerless and unable to censure her, comments that were construed to undermine the integrity of the presiding officers. Namuganza, the elected representative of Bukono County in Namutumba district has since denied the allegations and accused the speaker of parliament Anita Among of witch-hunting her to settle a personal score.

“I have been directed by the Rt. Hon. speaker to inform you that there will be a plenary sitting Friday 6, 2023 at 12 noon,” read the clerk’s notice dated Monday, January 2 to all MPs.

On the day’s order paper, MPs will convene to constitute a select committee to consider the motion for a resolution of the House pursuant to rule 109 (9) of the rules of procedure of parliament.

The rule stipulates that 14 days from the date of transmission of the motion to the president, the speaker shall cause to be appointed a select committee to which the motion and all supporting documents shall be referred and the committee shall scrutinise and identify evidence to the allegations in the motion among others things.


+2 #1 Akot 2023-01-04 14:37
If there was "parliament", it's Museveni the House would censure!

+36 years of dictator Museveni who controls every institution including parliament, owns tax money, tribally divided & rules...how can even this useless parliament still pretend Uganda is normal country lawfully governed?

Ugandans just watch in silence, go along tribally divided ruled powerless, just help Museveni destroy them, own their land, why?

Ah! Tribally divided ruled Ugandans will go for next presidential, parliamentary elections to ensure they are slaves of migrant Museveni who owns their land & tax money to protect the demon; legally, officially, constitutionally!

Why are Ugandans ensuring they are slaves of migrant Museveni, in the zone formed by their tribal lands & are at peace, just waiting for him to die in post & the son replaces the dad?
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0 #2 Mubiru 2023-01-05 00:54
This woman Namuganza of NRM is inherently stubborn. WAMPUTU. FRANCIS ZAAKE OF NUP is identically stubborn.

Both of them refused to give in and our second rate MPs wasted no time to punish him. Yet public funds are wasted on this woman with NRM MP even begging reconciliation with her. Why did they not reconcile with Zake instead of victimizing him ?

Imagine wasting public funds by recalling Parliament just to appease the woman. I am not NUP or NRM because I don't exist on policts which is the sole source of income of those Ugandans who are even prepared to kill in order to be what they are. I am fighting for oppressed.
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0 #3 kambarage 2023-01-05 06:14
[quote name="Akot"]If there was "parliament", it's Museveni the House would censure!

Guy you must be living abroad. Your assertions indicate you are out of touch with reality here in Uganda. People from Kisoro to Arua are busy building arcades, buying land, doing business etc.

Politicians of both sides are the richest are eating big time whether they support M7 or not. You are wasting energy abusing M7. Better come and join fellow Ugandans in developing their country.

Tarmac is flowing across the country, schools are everywhere, Universities are booming...you are there sleeping on rumours. Clinics are everywhere. Public hospitals are working (admittedly with management challenges) but life is the best under M7.

I have traveled across Africa and I tell you M7 is a freedom giver. Go to Rwanda, Kenya, West Africa and try to do business. You will know what am talking about
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