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What do you target to achieve in 2023?

Overconsumption of pork is associated with a significant risk of several chronic conditions

Overconsumption of pork is associated with a significant risk of several chronic conditions

Setting targets is one way to keep yourself focused on what you aim to achieve.You could have had tar- gets or set goals for 2022, where some were successful and some were not. A new year means another chance to achieve your life goals.

Your targets should reflect who you are, what you live for, what you intend to accomplish this year, and where you intend to be in the future, writes DICKSON TUMURAMYE.


Every milestone in life matters, and it is worth celebrating. Failure to appreciate what you have done well and where you have come from may deny you an opportunity to learn new things in the new year. This is your time to cheer up and move forward with what you feel is worthwhile and can be done this year.

Reward yourself for your accomplishments in the past year. Ultimately, you are not an angel who can achieve everything. We set goals but it is God who fulfills them (Proverbs 16:3,9).


Reflect on the things you did not realize in 2022 and look at those that can be carried forward to this year. Evaluate why you failed to achieve them and what you need to do better this time round. It is not healthy to give up on certain things in life. You only need another chance to reach them. Be optimistic and remain positive in life.


Every year should bring new things you anticipate achieving. Yes, some will be carried forward from the previous year but new ones should emerge and that keeps you motivated.

These can range from personal, family, workplace, church, friends, relatives, business to many more. Sit down and ask yourself; what do I want to do this year? How do I get there? What resources do I need? Where do I get them? If it is a family plan, who is responsible for what?

What activities are scheduled within the set timeframe? Why do we do what we do? Who are my networks and partners? If some plans appear difficult to achieve but are critical, what is my plan B?

Think through your targets critically. For example, if you are in business, your targets could be to increase your sales by a certain percentage, or expand the business, change location, rebrand, and go international among others. Don’t rely on one thing year in and year out.

Have new things in place that can motivate and challenge you to realize your big dream. Have a fresh start every year and never run out of ideas. Set goals for different areas of your life. Some goals will need a budget attached to them and others may not. Do what is realistic and measurable within your means.

Your primary goal should always be to save and invest every penny you get. Invest in things that will make you more money even when you are not physically there to supervise. Save any money that you can.

One by one, they make up a bundle. In savings, there is nothing small. Everything counts. Think of what you intend to achieve and how
you can get there. With God, all is possible (Matthew 19:26) and you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you (Philippians 4:13).


One of the things the brain does is forget very fast. Therefore, your new year’s resolutions must be recorded in the manner you want them. Have a well-written work plan to guide you to achieve your goals/targets for 2023. “Write this. Write what you see (vision/goal/plans).... It can be rad on the run” (Habakuk 2:2).


A healthy mind gives you the opportunity to live longer, think and perform well. A stressed and anxious mind brings you mental health challenges and distorts the proper functioning of your brain.

Be mindful of what triggers your stress, how you eat, what kind of food you eat, whether it’s junk or not, what time you eat, and how much time you sleep and rest. Do regular exercises, medical checks, and keep a healthy body and mental well-being.


It is never too late to start a new professional career. The way things are moving, you may need another academic paper added to keep
you relevant on that job, manage competition, get promoted, learn new things, etc.

You can do a short or long-term course depending on your target, available time, financial ability, or as a hobby. Learning never ends. There are many online opportunities if you have less time to attend physical classes. You can study that dream program online and cheaply from any international institution while working at your job.

Don’t remain in the past while the world has become virtual and digital. If you would like to diversify from a professional career, look at things that interest you in an informal setting and strive for them. Don’t keep your eggs in one basket. Try all possible options you can find to get you to your dream life.


Do not just keep plans or targets on paper without putting them into action. Don’t start something that you won’t have time to sit down and review its progress. Reviewing can be done along the way.

It can be weekly, monthly, or quarterly. Periodic reviews help you to measure progress, make adjustments where necessary, get to know where more resources are needed, and where there are gaps and solutions needed.

They also help you to aim higher if all is going well as planned. Don’t go wholesomely without breaks to make an audit of yourself, your business, and your life goals, and then hit back with a lot of energy.


As a family person, you shouldn’t plan alone. Involve your spouse and children in what you intend to do. Let them be part of what you dream of realizing this year. Family members will advise you, give their opinion, get involved in planning and implementation, and own up to the whole process.

Essentially, they are part of the family’s vision. If they are left out of the planning process, they may not understand how you intend to achieve your goals during the implementation process. If they start with you, they will be aware of the plan and what the targets are by the end of the year.


How you begin the race may not matter but how you finish is vital. King Solomon said it better “The end of a thing is better than its beginning; the patient in spirit is better than the proud in spirit” (Ecclesiastes 7:8). Whether you start badly or on track, what is critical is how you end 2023.

When Argentina lost their first World Cup game in Qatar last year, many people knew that they were finished. Surprisingly, they won the world cup finals and got the trophy. Things may not work well at the start but be patient and keep at it.

Don’t get overly excited if everything starts well and you are prospering; remain calm and focused on the end goal. In all, never give up until your targets are achieved! But as for you, be strong and don’t give up. For your work will be rewarded (2Chronicles 15:7).
Happy and prosperous 2023!


The author is a child advocate, parenting coach, marriage counselor, and founder – Men of Purpose Mentorship program.

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