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Corruption: Govt recovers Shs 100bn of Shs 20tn stolen funds

Ethics and Integrity minister, Rose Lilly Akello

Ethics and Integrity minister, Rose Lilly Akello

The government is struggling to force corrupt officials to drop their loot, Ethics and Integrity minister, Rose Lilly Akello has said.

Inspectorate of Government (IG) report, the country loses over Shs 20 trillion to corruption every year but according to Akello, only Shs 100 billion was salvaged from corrupt officials in one year.

The biggest haemorrhage is caused by lost taxation (Shs 131 billion), user fees on utilities (Shs 459 billion) forfeited revenue from natural resources (Shs 820 billion), bungled enforcement leading to environmental degradation (Shs 15 billion), and absenteeism in government departments (Shs 2 billion). Others are corruption in the provision of healthcare and education services (Shs 451 billion), graft in security provision (Shs 86 billion), and procurement and budgeting regulation (Shs 233 billion).

In a statement to parliament, Akello says efforts to recover stolen funds and property from the corrupt are proving futile. For example, the IG flagged Shs 18.2 billion as proceeds of crime that ought to be returned to public coffers, the minister told parliament that only Shs 7 billion has been recovered.

The Office of the Auditor General carried out 6,268 financial compliance audits, 23 value-for-money audits, 101 specialised engineering audits, 85 forensics special audits and nine IT audits over the last three financial years. Of these, Shs 175 billion is due to be returned to the taxpayer, but so far only Shs 4 billion in cash and assets has been recovered from the corrupt.

For the Directorate of Public Prosecutions (DPP), after prosecuting a record 261 graft cases and getting 110 convictions, only Shs 10 billion, $16,000 and malaria drugs valued at Shs 28 million were salvaged. The Criminal Investigations Directorate (CID) scoured through 318 cases, presenting 56 files to the DPP, and 23 files were fit for prosecution, salvaging only Shs 615 million back to the taxpayer.

At least Shs 41.6 billion of stolen Covid-19 funds was recovered from government officials but several billions remain unsalvaged.

“The State House Anti-Corruption Unit recovered a total amount of Shs 41.6 billion, of which Shs 9.6 billion was from inflated Covid-19 relief food prices; Shs 4.5 billion from local governments; Shs 3.6 billion from inflated compensation of Bukasa inland port affected persons and Shs 2.9 billion worth of drugs which had been stolen from Joint Medical Stores was recovered,” said Akello.

The Financial Intelligence Authority (FIA) reported that Shs 6.4 billion earned through corruption is still in the hands of thieving officials awaiting prosecution.

At the Leadership Code Tribunal, corrupt officials opted to use alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, where they offered to return Shs 10.9 billion, out of which only Shs 5.9 billion has hit government’s escrow account at Bank of Uganda.


+8 #1 Ebmok 2022-12-16 11:18
Wow! 30% of Uganda's GDP-worth is simply stolen just liek that EVERY YEAR?! This translates to UGX 38M/= EVERY MINUTE!!!!

By the time I finish writing this post and sending it, Uganda would lost another UGX 80M/= to theft and the recovery rate is less than 1% and we're fighting this vice?
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+8 #2 Ngundu Peter 2022-12-16 14:11
very unsettling statistics!
the plague of thieves (the corrupt) in uganda has collapsed the country...!

Does it include employment of senile ( very old men in their 80s) men who continue to work in political offices and to draw huge salaries and allowances even when due to failing health, dont report to work for months??

Where things have reached, civilized countries like the US, UK, France, Nordic countries, etc need to decisively help Uganda to fight these powerful thieves by blocking them and their children from travelling to study in those countries...Sanction the thieves!!!!

Many innocent ugandan lives are being lost due to these thieves stealing everything from medicines to public funds..!
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+1 #3 Akot 2022-12-16 18:32
Ngundu Peter,

Only Ugandans can stop Museveni & the powerful thieves, through UNITY that will end Museveni's lifetime rule! Then Ugandans will ask for help from [civilized countries like the US, UK, France...]

How can USA, UK, France...[fight these powerful thieves by blocking them and their children from travelling to study in those countries...Sanction the thieves], when Ugandans legalise, officialise, constitutionalise Museveni's rule every 5 years with fake presidential, parliamentary, local elections?

No outsider can/will bring change for Ugandans, only Ugandans can, but only as ONE PEOPLE with just one National Leadership!

But as it is, Ugandans want to remain in the tribalistic system, this ensure Museveni's lifetime rule & trnasfer of power to his son in the waiting!

Whill that be change & when?
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+4 #4 Zaitun 2022-12-16 19:57
Did “The State House Anti-Corruption Unit" recover the trillions stolen by the first family, their children and relatives holding prominent offices?

Unless the real thieves bring back what they have stollen and is being kept in overseas banks, invested in Angola, Tanzaia, China... Uganda will continue to bleed.

This is one of the reasons Ugandans of the day continue remembering Idi Amin and Obote who died poor, for being tough with thieves who after running to hide-outs.

It was not for nothing that Museveni and company started mobilising the west to support them to come back and promote the "rule of law". A man who used to call them Anyanyas, and that those were corrupt regimes has now become the master of murders and corruption!!!!!.
Now we see thieves everywhere while the country is bleeding.
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+1 #5 kabayekka 2022-12-17 13:27
And therefore how much budget was used to recover 100 billion shillings of such government revenue?

And how much budget is planned to try and recover the rest os the trillion shillings? Much of this lost government revenue is well known by the leadership of Buganda and the banks which is being used to buy land and expensive property from the Ganda African tribespeople!
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+1 #6 Akot 2022-12-18 22:14
Quoting Zaitun:

Did “The State House Anti-Corruption Unit" recover the trillions stolen by the first family, their children and relatives holding prominent offices?

Now we see thieves everywhere while the country is bleeding.


The real thieves can't, won't bring back the money as Uganda belongs to them & not to the people to whome tribal lands that form it!

Museveni played with the West for 20 years & the moment they realised it, they didn't even stay around to oversee last fake presidential election & since, they are quiet, waiting for Ugandans to end TRIBALISM & UNITE!

The country is bleeding & will do so unless Ugandans stop Museveni & family in UNITY, then get chance to help from developed world!

Why are Ugandans waitng to legalise Museveni with next fake elections that will protect him & family?
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