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Museveni now reverses order on roadblocks, checkpoints

Museveni has ordered for reinstatement of roadblocks

Museveni has ordered for reinstatement of roadblocks

Barely two months after, President Yoweri Museveni has reversed his directive and ordered the reinstatement of police roadblocks and checkpoints.

Museveni had directed prime minister Robinah Nabbanja to inform commanders of relevant security agencies that roadblocks had outlived their usefulness and now were responsible for causing delays in the transportation of goods and causing unnecessary traffic congestion.

As such the inspector general of police, Martins Okoth Ochola responded by directing district, division, station and unit commanders to swiftly remove the checkpoints and roadblocks in their respective jurisdictions.

However, Museveni has now indicated that ever since the roadblocks were moved, not only have incidents of cattle theft and transportation of contraband become the order of the night, but incidents of reckless driving have also increased on roads, thus leading to numerous crashes.

In order to reduce crime and restore sanity on the roads ahead of Christmas and New Year's festivities, Museveni has directed Ochola to ensure checkpoints are erected in strategic areas. 

Police spokesperson Fred Enanga confirmed that Ochola has since directed territorial commanders to restore the checkpoints. However, Ochola has warned the police personnel against turning the checkpoints into a money-making opportunity. He said a police officer of a senior rank compared to those manning the roadblocks will be attached purposely to supervise their conduct.

Enanga said the checkpoints that are going to be reinstated will be backed up by motorized patrols to increase security for the traffic officers manning them. It should be remembered that some police officers especially in Luweero district were attacked at checkpoints. Constable Busingye died while constable Twinamatsiko was injured.


+5 #1 WADADA rogers 2022-12-12 13:50
Those are some of the characteristics of old age, you make irrational and emotional decision that you later regret and them make a fool of yourself.

Did he consult any one before taking the decision or did he consult anyone before ordering reinstatement
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+4 #2 Olum S. 2022-12-12 14:11
Typical actions of an ageing tyrant who has held on to power in a banana republic for decades.

He can chop and change his decisions as and whenever he so chooses, without any care about the impact those decisions will have on the downtrodden suffering wanainchi.
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+4 #3 Lamony 2022-12-12 17:21
He wanted to remove roadblocks commit crimes killing police officers and the reinstate roadblocks back and blame NUP, museveni is a criminal and lier.
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+4 #4 Lysol 2022-12-12 19:37
The old dude in the big dumb hat love and hate affairs with road blocks. Back in the days of Obote and the Okellos, the said, he used to dress-up like a drag queen/woman to go through the road blocks.
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+1 #5 Akot 2022-12-12 20:56
WADADA rogers, understood, but,

Uganda belongs to Museveni & he alone decides, as it's Ugandans who legalise him every 5 years with fake elections!

Why says NO whenever Museveni decides something?
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+1 #6 Akot 2022-12-12 20:59
Olum S., understood, but,

How can Museveni be blamed when it's Ugandans ensuring he rules for life; tribally, officially, legally, constitutionally?
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0 #7 Akot 2022-12-12 21:03
Quoting Lamony:

...museveni is a criminal and lier.

Agreed, so,

Why is the divisive tribalistic system that disempowers Ugandans still standing?

Why are Ugandans just waiting, looking up to him to finally serve them, after +36 years?

Why are Ugandans waiting to legalise Museveni with next fake presidential, parliamentary, local elections?

Why is Museveni assured of lifetime rule?
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0 #8 Akot 2022-12-12 21:11
Lysol, thanks, yet,

NO to the tribalistic system, tribal leaders standing down & UNITY will block & show Museveni way out, so Ugandans won't go for these moves that will leave them orphants!

Ugandans are just waiting for Museveni to finally look at them as humans & serve them!

How old will Museveni's son be when the dies of old age & leaves him the top post in the family business?
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0 #9 Lakwena 2022-12-13 08:02
Amin, Obote and Tito Lutwa are back!

Otherwise, if Amin's era of terror and murder ended 41 years ago (11th April 1979); Obote II era of Roadblocks and Panda Gari ended 37 years ago (27th May 1985) and Gen Tito Lutwa era of uncertainty ended 36 years ago (25th Jan 1986); all RIP) who is now behind terrorizing Ugandan?

In other words, if the NRM/A revolution started in the 70s or earlier, Courtesy of Sowing the Mustard Seed; it is now self-evident that Gen Tibuhaburwa and goons are responsible for all the previous and current atrocities of abductions, torture, terror, disappearances and murder of innocent Ugandans?

Else, wherefrom did St. Tibuhaurwa & Co. learn and practice abduction (Panda Gari [drone]), torture, disappearance and murder in cold blood of Ugandans?


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