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UPDF corporal sentenced to 2 years for attempted robbery of Indian businessman

Lance corporal Richard Isoke

Lance corporal Richard Isoke

The army court in Makindye has today sentenced a Uganda People’s Defense Forces (UPDF) soldier to two years in jail for attempting to rob an Indian businessman. 

However, lance corporal Richard Isoke who has been on remand for more than a year will now serve four months and 23 days in jail. 

Court presided over by Brig Robert Freeman Mugabe had initially charged Isoke with aggravated robbery but later acquitted him of the crime and instead found him guilty of attempting to rob since the alleged stolen items did not leave the scene of the crime.

He committed the cirme on November 1, 2018, at Foundation Building, Jinja road while travelling in Toyota Hiace registration number, H4DF 789. Isoke stole 15 laptops of HP brand from an Indian national, Dhirendra Gwo Swami and used a deadly weapon of a sub-machine gun (SMG) belonging to the army to execute his crime.

Evidence before the court indicates that by the time of commission of the crime, Isoke was a driver of the chief finance officer at Mbuya UPDF headquarters. Isoke did not manage to move the laptops from the scene of crime as he was intercepted during the process, hence found guilty of attempting to rob.

After finding him guilty, the prosecution asked for a deterrent sentence, arguing that cases of robbery by people with guns are common in the country. On his part, Isoke asked the court to be lenient with him on grounds that he is a first-time offender with no previous criminal record and that he has been on remand for more than one year.

In his ruling, Brig Mugabe considered the fact that Isoke is a first-time offender, a family man with children, and a wife to look after, and sentenced him to two years in jail.

Mugabe said he has considered also the time Isoke has spent on remand and considered two months in mitigation and found that effective today, he should serve only 4 months in jail. Isoke will serve his sentence at Makindye Military Police Barracks prison.  


+1 #1 Lakwena 2022-09-28 07:53
So that they are not led into temptation, why doesn't the power that be, be FAIR and also pay well the Isoke of this country in the UPDF/Armed Forces?

In other words, does "Justice and/or Fairness" mean anything to Gen Tibuhaburwa?

E.g., the recent outrageous pay-raise of Top-brass officers in the UPDF and the Uganda Police Force (UPF) by over 750%; has left the junior ranks and files officers howling at the Moon.

It was the same arbitrary, poisonous, antagonistic policy of segregation and marginalization; between the Science and Humanities teachers pay, which has now left the future of the education of Ugandans TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN.
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