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Three head teachers arrested in Luuka over theft of Covid funds

Three primary school head teachers in Luuka district, eastern Uganda have been arrested for alleged misappropriation of Covid-19 recovery funds. 

In 2021, the funds were disbursed to refurbish different government primary schools that had been closed during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The suspects who are currently detained at Luuka central police station are; Juma Balikudembe, the head teacher of Nakabugu primary school, Sarah Kadondo, the head teacher of Buyunze primary school and Zekiyo Akewa, the head teacher of Namumela primary school. 

According to a copy of a letter from the whistleblower, Balikudembe, reported that the primary seven classroom block had been de-roofed following heavy rains and was given Shs 5.7 million to finance repairs. However, on inspecting the premises, it was established that the building was never destroyed.

Another whistleblower implicated Kadondo for exaggerating figures while making the requisition for paint required in refurbishing the school's classroom blocks. He says that the paint worth Shs 3.9 million was meant to refurbish four classroom blocks and a two-roomed staff quarter house, but only the kitchen and staffroom were painted.

The same whistleblower further implicated Akewa, for misappropriation of Shs 3.3 million for the construction of a four-stanza pit latrine. He states that Akewa instead repaired the already existing four-stanza pit latrine and never constructed a new pit latrine.

Samuel Musiho, the Luuka district resident commissioner, says that the head teachers failed to provide accountability for the funds disbursed to their schools, prompting police to effect their arrests.


+1 #1 kabayekka 2022-09-22 21:18
That is what we keep telling those who are responsible for the funds of the taxpayer.

Those who are found to have dipped their fingers into such funds should have their fingers amputated as soon as possible and then left into those jobs to try and pay back the money lost.

Whether these criminals belong to the NRM or the official opposition or they are foreigners. That way those who live with them will try to respect them as repentant workers as soon as they are seen with 9 or four fingers on both of their arms!
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+1 #2 Mubiru 2022-09-23 05:06
Unconnected suffering Ugandans are sick and tired of of the hypocrisy of the very thieves stealing public funds accusing fellow thieves of similar crimes of milking public funds as if they were the long horned cows.

As a victim I don't condone any stealing but what makes me uncomfortable is to see that among the crimes the alleged thieves are accusing of is ACCOUNTABILY. WHO in Uganda from LC 1 upwards has ever accounted for public money some of which are enclosed in brown envelopes and given to their praise singers?

Suffering Uganda are also fed up with these stunts if form of bogus arrests which are of no consequence. Nothing ever happens to the thieves the the impotent office of the Director of Prosection call "suspects". Nothing lasts for ever and one day the untouchable well connected thieves will pay for their criminality and other evils.
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