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God curse the queen - Bunyoro kingdom

The brutal invasion of the Bunyoro-Kitara kingdom by the British which borders on genocide and war crimes, negates British Queen Elizabeth II's legacy of a well-groomed, compassionate, and wise monarch, according to elders in Uganda’s oldest kingdom famed for resisting colonialism.

Queen Elizabeth II died on Thursday last week at her Scottish estate, where she had spent much of the summer. The Queen came to the throne in 1952 and witnessed enormous social change. The African countries were decolonised and granted independence under her reign. Unlike Buganda kingdom which paid tribute to the Queen, Bunyoro kingdom has no kind words for the British monarchy.

Issac Kalembe, a resident of Hoima district said that although it is uncultured to celebrate the demise of even one’s enemy, the late queen's failure to pay for the injustices meted out on Bunyoro by the British was a big mistake. He says that the Banyoro are still annoyed by the atrocities inflicted on them by the British government.

Francis Sewante, a resident of Kagadi district who is an advisor to Omukama Solomon Gafabusa Iguru, said during the battle between Omukama Cwa II Kabalega and the British, over two million Banyoro lost their lives.

He added that Banyoro women were sold off as slaves, their land was grabbed, livestock was looted and to date, no compensation has been made by the British government. Sewante, however, asks the people to neither condemn nor vindicate the late queen for the atrocities committed by her government in the kingdom but leave that to God.

Yolamu Nsamba, the former principal private secretary to the Omukama says that although it is hard to erase history, despite reigning for more than 70 years, Queen Elizabeth died without the courtesy to apologize to the people of Bunyoro for the plunder of kingdom resources.

Nsamba who is also the current vice chairperson of Bunyoro kingdom royal commission adds that the queen would have initiated reconciliation with Bunyoro like what she did with the Aborigines in Australia.

"You came, you colonised us, you captured our king, you imprisoned him without trial for 23 years. We were indoctrinated through boy scouting. This is what we went through. Totally rubbishing our traditional institutions as if they had no role at all. What pains us is Queen Elizabeth II reigned for 73 years and not for one single day apologised for the ills that were done here. They had very subtle ways of indoctrinating us and we began to believe that we were British, we enjoy talking the British language. If you didn't speak English when I was growing up, they looked at you as a nobody. They killed thousands of Banyoro and you want me to praise the queen? For what?" said Nsamba. 

He said the records show that the stolen resources including timber from Budongo and Bugoma central forest reserves were used to build Westminster.

“They came to plunder, even the wealth they are seated on was stolen from here, they are just like highway robbers," said Nsamba. 

He says to make matters worse they captured Omukama Chwa II Kabalega because of his spirited resistance against their rule and indoctrination and imprisoned him on Seychelles Island for 23 years.

"They were extracting raw materials out of this country. The timber which was used to build Westminster is from Bugoma, the ivory is from Bugoma. You people, there are things that you don't know. Look at the standards of the colonial state that the British could not support and they exploited resources. They were shooting elephants. They were poachers, they were official poachers because a governor, a district commissioner, a bishop were allowed to go and shoot elephants," added Nsamba.

He says the British government among other things confiscated the kingdom throne, Nyamyaro, that they went and kept in Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford.

"They came here and took away our throne, the throne of the king, Nyamyaro. As I speak now Nyamyaro is in Oxford Museum. A reverend called John Rosco stole that drum maybe from the governor's stores and went with it to Britain and left it at Pitt Rivers museum. There are still things we're still claiming from the British. There are 256 items in their museums that they are still holding, and you want me to feel sorry because the queen is dead?" he said.

Nsamba says to date Bunyoro-Kitara kingdom still demands reparations from Britain, noting that Bunyoro Kitara Reparations Agency (BUKITAREPA), a local organization that pushes for reparations from the colonialists is on the right track.  

On January 1, 1894, the British declared war on Bunyoro and drove Omukama Kabalega out of his kingdom. The war ended in 1899 with the capture of Kabalega in present-day Lango. Kabalega would be forced into exile where he lived for 24 years, dying on April 6, 1923, in Jinja on his way back to Bunyoro. In the absence of Kabalega, the colonialists took advantage to plunder Bunyoro resources. 


0 #21 Akot 2022-09-18 19:47
+36 years still counting & Museveni is going no where, yet tribal leaders haven't understand they MUST either;

- Break away from Museveni's Uganda to make their
tribal lands real 'kingdoms, nations' & govern, serve
their people, or

- Stand down to bring an end to the tribalistic system
Museveni so cleaverly put in place to ensure his
rule, to give chance to UNITY of ALL tribes, the only
power Ugandans have to get chance to form the
kind of governance they want!

Why do Ugandans blieve the zone formed by their tribal lands began & will/should end with Museveni?
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0 #22 Akot 2022-09-18 19:57
Zaitun, thanks.

Yet, now, if Ugandans don't say NO to the tribalistic system Museveni put in place, he & family will own every tribal land & riches for good!

Now that Ugandans are alone with demon Museveni, they MUST concentrate in ensuring he's thrown out in UNITY, then form the kind of governance they want IMMEDIATELY!

Only Ugandans, in UNITY, can save themselves; give the next generation chance to living as humans in the kind of land/governance Ugandans will go for!

Why are tribal leaders still in posts ensuring Musevnei owns every tribal land, tax money, tribal land riches...?

Why will Ugandans go for next fake presidential election that will only ensure, protect Museveni, the only winner, in the Uganda that belongs to him & family?

How many subjects pay taxes to Museveni & how many do so to tribal leaders?
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