Mukono police blocks 'SFC officer' Sobi from evicting 94-year-old man

Mzee Mwanje holding a riffle he says was given to him by the State House for protection

Mzee Mwanje holding a riffle he says was given to him by the State House for protection

Police on Thursday blocked Paddy Sserunjogi aka Sobi from evicting a 94-year-old man in Nakisunga sub-county, Mukono district.

Sobi, a self-confessed murderer and gang leader of Kifeesi who terrorised Kampala city dwellers before he got incorporated into the Uganda police force, today with about 30 other people, reportedly raided Musa Mwanje’s land - measuring 5 acres on the orders of Fulgensio Ssembajwe, the administrator of the estate of the late John Lule Ssebakijja, a neighbour to Mwanje.

Sobi says that before the death of Ssebakijja, he had bought 20 acres of land from Mwanje, and unfortunately after he died, the transfer process was not completed. Sobi reveals being promised 10 acres out of the 20 once he clears and fences off the contested land from that of Mwanje. After the death of Ssebakijja, Ssembajwe went to court and secured an order in September 2015 allowing him to clear and use the land.

According to Mwanje, the 2015 order was presented to him by Sobi who introduced himself as a 'Special Forces Command' (SFC) operative hired to clear the contested part of the land. Mwanje adds that at first, he treated it as a joke since he had all the land titles registered in his name until Sobi started cutting down trees and clearing his sweet potato gardens.

Mwanje alerted his sons to secure a court injunction to stop all the illegal activities on his land. According to records, Mwanje secured the land titles in 1960 located on Block 221 Plot 118 Kyaggwe.

Mwanje also accuses Sobi and his gang of vandalizing his house. He notes that the house used to belong to his late son, Meddie Muyanja, a former personal bodyguard to President Yoweri Museveni.

Police headed by the Mukono Division officer in charge, Michael Kato, and the LC I chairperson Joseph Ssenkungu convened a village meeting where they read out the court injunction prohibiting further development on him of the land.

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