At least 5 killed, 50 wounded in anti-UN protest in DRC

Protestors at UN base in Goma

Protestors at UN base in Goma

A Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) government spokesman Patrick Muyaya said at least five people were killed and 50 wounded during protests against a UN peacekeeping mission in the eastern city of Goma on Monday.

Muyaya announced the fatalities in a Twitter post on Tuesday, without saying who was responsible for the deaths or injuries.

The demonstrations began Monday when hundreds attacked and looted a UN peacekeeping warehouse in Goma, demanding that the UN mission, known as MONUSCO, leave the country.

Carrying signs and chanting anti-UN slogans, the protesters accused MONUSCO of failing to achieve peace while leaving citizens vulnerable to ongoing attacks by M23 rebels.

In a Twitter post, MONUSCO condemned the protest, rejected protester accusations of causing chaos and instability, and vowed to help make progress towards stabilization and peace.

Local officials have called for calm but similar protests began Tuesday in Butembo — some 300 kilometres north of Goma — where the M23 rebels recently advanced.

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