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Details of Museveni, Mao 42-clause agreement

Norbert Mao signing the agreement on Wednesday

Norbert Mao signing the agreement on Wednesday

The opposition Democratic Party (DP) on Thursday released an agreement which its president general; Norbert Mao signed with the ruling National Resistance Movement chairman, Yoweri Museveni on Wednesday.

The agreement that has caused a lot of debate both online and offline was signed when the two principals met at State House Entebbe flanked by their secretaries general; Richard Todwong and Gerald Siranda of NRM and DP respectively.

In the 42-clause agreement, the two parties not only agreed to share political power but also to foster constitutionalism and the respect of human rights. According to the agreement, DP agreed to cooperate with NRM in supporting the overall governance agenda and supporting parliamentary votes on matters of confidence and supply for the full term (2021-2026) of this parliament.

DP has got only nine members of parliament out of a parliament of 529 MPs of whom over 300 belong to the NRM. Mao, according to the agreement, will be appointed to the position of minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs which has been vacant for over a year. Another DP leader will also be appointed to a junior ministerial position.

Indeed on Thursday, Museveni released an instrument of appointment where Mao was appointed to the same position in a mini reshuffle that has seen Peter Ogwang become the state minister for Education and Sports replacing Hamson Obua who takes over as government chief whip, a position that has been vacant after Thomas Tayebwa was elected as deputy speaker of parliament.

In the same reshuffle, Akello Beatrice Okori replaced Ogwang as the minister of Economic Monitoring in the office of the president. The agreement also clearly states that the two DP ministers will hold office until the end of the current term or when the agreement ceases to exist.

According to the agreement, Mao as minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs will be the lead minister for coordinating the national dialogue and the whole of government response on constitutional reforms with the mandate to coordinate budget proposals in the Justice Law and Order Sector.

"The ministerial portfolios and other public sector appointments offered to the Democratic Party shall reflect areas where DP expertise provides a valuable contribution to the NRM government,” the agreement reads.   

DP ministers, the agreement says, are bound by the cabinet rules in the exercise of their responsibilities and in particular, agreed to be bound by the provisions on conduct, public duty and personal interests.

“Ministers from the Democratic Party agree to be bound by collective responsibility in relation to their ministerial portfolios. When speaking within portfolio responsibilities, they will speak for the government representing the government’s position in relation to those responsibilities,” the agreement reads.   

DP also committed to supporting the NRM government on procedural motions in parliament and in committees provided there is consultation among the parties through their whips.

“The Democratic Party undertakes to keep full voting numbers present whenever the House is sitting where the Democratic Party has committed to support the National Resistance Movement government and on matters of confidence and supply. The Democratic Party also undertakes to keep full voting numbers in committee, unless otherwise agreed,” the agreement reads.

It is not yet known how Mao is going to ensure compliance from the MPs as they have all distanced themselves from the agreement, saying they were not consulted before their leader met with Museveni.  

Other than the ministerial appointment, the NRM committed to supporting the nomination of a DP member of parliament to be the chair of a standing committee  and another deputy chair of an additional committee.  

The NRM also agreed to support the election of the DP candidate to the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA). Siranda has already been nominated as the party candidate in the election that is to be held later this year. DP is also to propose up to four individuals for appointment to departments, statutory bodies and government agencies, the portfolio of which shall be discussed and agreed upon in advance by both parties.

The agreement also states that Mao will be meeting with President Museveni every three months or as required to monitor progress against the areas of cooperation that are set out in the  agreement.         


+4 #11 Lysol 2022-07-22 20:59
Mao Mao always speaks with "two tongues". A double standards individual, because of his background of coming from parents of different tribes of Uganda.
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+4 #12 Lysol 2022-07-22 21:01
Quoting Rwatoro:
He's being rewarded for having a hand in Olanya's death.

Otherwise, nothing else M7 would appoint Mao as a Justice minister. That's how Uganda operates nowadays.

Mao Mao is only half Acholi, by the way.
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+3 #13 Odongkara Bidong 2022-07-23 08:55
Quoting Rwatoro:
He's being rewarded for having a hand in Olanya's death. Otherwise, nothing else M7 would appoint Mao as a Justice minister. That's how Uganda operates nowadays.

From going to Seattle until to Olanya’s funeral and burial Mao’s presence was Tibuhaburwa’s presence incognito, if you know, you know.

Robinah Nabbanja was only considered for the Prime Minister position after Mao’s refusal for the post in the Gulu meeting. Many don’t know but few know what is going on.
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-1 #14 kambarage 2022-07-23 19:16
Quoting WADADA rogers:
According to the agreement, Mao as minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs will be the lead minister for coordinating the national dialogue.

With him in the Chair, i dont see any serious opposition parties attending

He will have the goodies to dangle at them. They never refuse regardless of the terms. NUP has twice received billions from IPOD. They first denied and now say they took it because it was their right. Keep your eyes open.
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+1 #15 kabayekka 2022-07-24 00:30
Unfortunately for many citizens of this country, there goes again the Uganda National independence democracy of the DP into the National Resistance Movement.

One remembers very well this democratic political party(DP) when it cooperated with the British Protectorate in Uganda to try and establish a democratic state of Uganda 1960 as independence for this state was approaching.

It is now 62 years since then and only God knows how much democracy has this party managed to establish for the peace and tranquility of this African state?
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