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Luwero woman kills husband using beer bottle over infidelity

Shock has gripped residents of Waluleeta village in Makulubita sub-county, Luwero district after a woman used a beer bottle to kill her husband over alleged infidelity.

The incident occurred on Sunday night at a drinking joint at Waluleeta trading centre. The deceased has been identified as Jackson Mwanje, 45. 

Wilson Kakande, the Waluleeta village LC 1 chairman, says the suspect has since gone into hiding, and although she was well-known as Mwanje's wife, somehow, nobody in the village seems to know her own name.   

Kakande says that although the deceased was a well-known resident, his wife had not been introduced to the village council. It’s against this background that the chairman now wants to enforce the registration of all new people who come and settle in his village.

Simon Peter Katongole, the area LC II chairman says that while at the drinking joint, the couple accused each other of promiscuity. According to Katongole, this couple has had several fights over disloyalty. He says the reported infidelity triggered a quarrel on Saturday afternoon.  

It further escalated later in the evening when they went for an outing and it resulted in a fight. The fight, he says, turned violent as the woman hit the man with a beer bottle on the head, killing him instantly. He says the suspect fled and has left her two daughters aged 8 and 4 years helpless, with no one to take care of them.   

Officers from Kalule police station took the deceased’s body to Luwero hospital for post-mortem. When contacted, Luwero district police commander (DPC) Living Twazagye confirmed the incident.  

When asked for more details, DPC Twazagye told URN that they are still investigating the incident, and he is in contact with Bombo police station who will feed him more information.


0 #1 kabayekka 2022-06-21 12:59
Well then this has nothing to do with police men running all over the Central Region with AK 47!

The helpless woman had to defend herself from this man who constantly bears arms over his shoulder ready to shoot criminals. Because at that time he had no arms or a bow with an arrow, this wife took on her chance to pay back in kind?

For us as parents who bear daughters, the advice is to demand more protection for females who are constantly under the threat of death in such relationship!
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