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FDC flag bearer fails to turn up for nomination

Dick Denis Owani

Dick Denis Owani

Dick Denis Owani, the flag bearer for the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party in the Omoro by-election failed to turn up for his nomination on Thursday at Omoro town council.

This comes amidst reports of his abduction on Wednesday evening along Bobi-Aboke road in Adyeda village in Bobi sub-county, Omoro district. Owani was allegedly later dumped by his abductors in Kamdini town council in Oyam district. The 56-year-old was among four parliamentary candidates who had been booked to be nominated for the parliamentary race by the Electoral Commission in Omoro District Council hall on the first day.

Four candidates of the eleven who picked up the nomination forms for the parliamentary seat have so far been nominated. They are Terrence Odonga, and Jimmy Walter Onen all independent candidates, Simon Toolit Akecha, National Unity Platform flag bearer, and Oscar Kizza, Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) flag bearer. 

Moses Kagona, the Electoral Commission returning officer for Omoro district however noted that the nomination of candidates will be closed on Friday at 5 pm. He urged those who picked the nomination forms to return within the stipulated time frame or miss out on participating in the by-election.

According to reports recorded at Kamdini police station, Owani alleged that his abductors robbed him of two bags containing documents meant for his nomination. Other items that were stolen according to Owani included a mobile phone, an infix note 8 model, campaign t-shirts, and a coat.

The North Kyoga regional police spokesperson Jimmy Patrick Okema in a press statement says they will review and analyze CCTV footage at Kamdini town council to get details of the vehicle Owani alleged his abductors used for further investigation.

Okema notes that the matter will be referred to Omoro Central police station since the incident happened in Omoro district. The incident was registered at Kamdini police station under SD ref 02/12/05/2022. The FDC chairperson Omoro district, Justin Odong Obiya says their candidate will be nominated on Friday and dismissed allegations that he made a stunt to drop out of the race.

He says Owani lost his academic papers to his abductors and noted that he spent part of the day to find other certified copies.

“Those who kidnapped him took away his document, so he is still looking for certified copies where he kept them. This is why we had to wait for him, so tomorrow we shall be set for nomination,” he said.

Simon Toolit Akecha says he will focus on maternal health, clean water access, and improvement of the road network in Omoro district.
He says he has already purchased an ambulance for helping expectant mothers access health facilities for delivery free of charge. Terrence Odonga on the other hand says he will work with the people of Omoro for better representation and stressed that he will ensure the road networks are in better condition.


+1 #1 Wazza 2022-05-13 12:10
That is self abduction, after pocketing museveni's dirty money. Not newsworthy
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0 #2 WADADA rogers 2022-05-13 12:40
This guy thinks the voters in Omoro are stupid. Dick Denis Owani must have been given money to betray the Forum for Democratic Change.

His story is so artificial and hard to believe. How could they release him before the end of the nomination days aware he could access his academic credentials
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+2 #3 kabayekka 2022-05-13 13:19
That is the type of African democracy that is causing lots of misery to African communities every other day. And some people for many years seem to benefit from it all their lives!
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