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Police officer shoots dead footballer during a game in Abim

Police in Abim district, northeastern Uganda has arrested their own officer for shooting dead a footballer on Sunday during a game. 

The incident happened at 4 pm during a friendly inter-district match between Abim and Kotido districts at Alerek primary school grounds.

Micheal Longole, Karamoja Region police spokesperson described the incident as unfortunate. He identified the deceased footballer as Denis Ochan who also doubled as a local music artist in Alerek village in Abim district.

"We have arrested the officer on murder charges," he said. James Owili, an eyewitness, says that they don’t know why the police officer opened fire since the match was peaceful.

"This was a friendly match, which was well attended by several people including the RDC, members of parliament and the district chairperson. It was a peaceful event,” he said.

According to Owili, the policeman was subdued by a referee who happened to be a soldier. Peter Longiro, the Abim resident district commissioner described the incident as a shock.

Longiro who also doubles the Abim district security committee chairperson said everyone was still confused about the incident. "We had to call off the game for the security reasons,” he said.


+1 #1 Jose 2022-01-10 09:44
If i were a journalist i would not such a person apolice officer

But this thing of distributing guns to people who happen to sing praises to nons but simply offer a gun to a fool just bcos he supports is very bad
Someone says an eye for an eye, ok while he is safe in custody can we take a message that his brother has been killed, n it's settled

Can anyone imagine he killed a talent, in music, and football
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+2 #2 Lakwena 2022-01-10 11:54
In other words, police officers in Karamoja Sub-region need mental checkup. Otherwise, why do they target sportsmen/athlete for their moving target shooting practice?

This is because, sometime last year; the Observer reported that: another officer shot dead an athlete who was on his early morning run.

The officer's alibi was that he mistook the deceased for a cattle rustler running away/escaping lawful arrest. What a stupid excuse because, cattle rustlers, are not loners, but a gang of bandits.
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-1 #3 Jama 2022-01-10 14:59
The cause for this murder like others is: he was resisting arrest.

Who knows if the murderer will be condemned, since killing has become part of the regime policy.
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+1 #4 Kalibbala 2022-01-10 23:24
In a Terror State where Guns are held on Mosquito Heads to Intimidate and Keep Folks on their Feet in Fear Of being Shot everything is Possible!!

Ask yourself Why Carry an assault Rifle going to a football Match? is it a War Front line?..That is The Vision of The Curse, Kisiraani and Enemy of Humanity whose Goal is keeping Ugandans in Fear until the Devil Call him Home!

There is No Country on this Universe Where Folks
are Treated Like Ugandans!! November 18/19 2020..280 People Shot in Cold Blood!

The Curse came out Chest thumping saying that His police and Army makes Rehearsals !! The World looked on ! Ugandans Disarm these Imbeciles and Liberate Yourselves ! No foreign Force will Do it for You..Like I said Another Bloody 2022..
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