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Family disputes police narrative on killed Sheikh Kirevu

Kirevu's family members and friends

Kirevu's family members and friends

Family members of Shiekh Muhammad Kirevu have disputed the police narrative that he was shot dead on Thursday for trying to resist arrest.

The senior Muslim cleric in Makindye Ssabagabo Division, Wakiso district was killed yesterday at his other home in Katereke-Nsangi, Kyengera township on suspicions of running a terror cell. 

Ahamad Kyamanyi, Kirevu's deputy Imam, who was found at the home of the deceased, told URN that on Wednesday, security operatives raided the home of Imam Abbas after midnight, arrested family members whom they questioned about Kirevu's whereabouts.    

Kyamanyi explains that the operatives pounced on the deceased’s elder son, Lukeman Kirevu and beat him until he accepted to take them where his father had slept in Nsangi. The operatives who were reportedly moving in two minibuses locally known as 'drone' took Lukeman, his mother only identified as Mama Lukeman, her daughter Bushira Kirevu to Nsangi where Kirevu was found.

Bushira said moments after arresting their father in Nsangi, they were put in a different vehicle to drive them back home, but after a short distance, they heard gunshots in the second vehicle where their father had been placed.

“Our vehicle did not stop. They drove us back here [in Makindye], but in the morning, we only got information from the chairman in Nsangi that our father was killed while trying to escape," narrated a tearful Bushira.

Kyamanyi said that they still don’t know anything that could have resulted in the death of Kirevu. He says after an earlier house search, one officer informed them that they should go and pick Kirevu's body from Mulago mortuary.  

Ismail Lubega, a close friend to the family said they are still in shock over the shooting dead of Kirevu by the security agencies. He says the operatives were in plainclothes while others were dressed in the uniform that resembled that of presidential guards, Special Force Command (SFC). 

"They came between 9 am and 10 am and cordoned off the whole neighbourhood. They started confiscating phones from the neighbours who were recording. There was even a journalist who was at the scene, but they confiscated his camera and all his bags…There were those soldiers who drive on the convoy of President Museveni. Their uniform is unique and can’t be mistaken for any other but others were dressed in plain clothes. There was no police only soldiers," Lubega said. 

Farouq Magara, another resident at Gangu B zone, says they have never heard of the Imam participating in any criminal act. He suspects he was killed over the same unknown reasons why Muslim clerics have been killed in these past years.  

Some of the family members who were found grieving at Kirevu's home, question why security agencies would arrest and gruesomely murder someone whom they just suspected before conducting even investigations.

In a statement on Tuesday, President Museveni said the terrorists who carried out the twin bombings that killed 7 people and injured 37 others are the same people who attempted to assassinate Gen Katumba Wamala. According to Museveni, 8 suspects have so far been shot dead by security while trying to escape.


-38 #1 Wainanchi 2021-11-19 13:10
As I said before if you play with fire you will get burn
And exactly that happened!!

Now the family are behaving like little children sorry for their killer boy.Why didnot they teach that boy to be good and responsible citizen?

Now is too late He is gone so will all Lakwenas Slots,Kalubaba ,Ali Baba and other clowns will be exterminated

Thank you president Museveni for taking strong military response to quell terrorists

Piga piga,pigaaaa! In Swahili ..shoot ,shoot and kill the coachroaches

Burn in hell killers and murderers.
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+6 #2 Jama 2021-11-19 15:54
For those of you who doesn't have short memories, if yoi can remember in one of mzee sabalwanyi 's recent speeches, he clearly said : terror suspects should be shot dead and accused of trying to escape(gusinga mufu).

And the fact that some members of the squad that murdered this sheik were putting on SFC uniforms, clearly indicates where the order could have come from.

I would like to thank journalists from the observer, who dig out facts from the sources, unlike some papers which feed us on lies from Enanga and co.
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0 #3 kabayekka 2021-11-19 17:52
It is only God who knows well what these antagonists are fighting each other for?

Global terrorism as most know it, ended with the Americans capturing their friend Bin Laden, killing him and burying him in the Arabian sea.

African terrorism as it is seen now is all about military power struggle like during the former Idi Amin republican military regime.

Uganda now is a military government as it fights African terrorism in Somalia and local terrorism in Kampala and its surroundings.

The new political opposition groups of the young who love money are in this savage living for all their lives. One hopes money is being used to entrap many of them.
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+4 #4 Apollo 2021-11-19 21:31
If indeed Ugandan nationals have reached the point of carrying out suicide bombings, this Country has embarked on a deadly path taken by a few Countries in the whole World including Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia; Countries whose spectacular collapse is a daily headline story.

None of the Countries that have reached this level of violence have recovered from this abyss. Part of the reason for this is the cycle of violence that keeps escalating on both sides of a vicious unconventional conflict.

Sadly, it is the hapless civilians that have borne the brunt of this epic, historical and ideological clash. Lesser gifted but peaceful Countries have absorbed all the great brains from these hopeless Countries.

However, for Countries that have survived it, pacification and accommodation have been the unconventional medicine, not escalation and reinforcement of violence.
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-12 #5 Swalleh Isa Dirisa 2021-11-20 09:07
Wel done our president terrorists shdnt be arrested thy ahd b killed imediately
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-4 #6 Wainanchi 2021-11-20 13:54
Uganda security same as the Army is well trained and disciplined force

When you arrest killers and terrorists what do you do?

I guess my opponents who tick minuses for me would take terrorists nicely to the cell ,give them cup of tea call their lawyers ,and after 48 hours in prison release them to prepare for their trial and challenge the prosecution with evidence Then the trial will pay for five years ,new evidence will be brought.

Now in case the suspect decides to jump from the minyvan and runs away the operatives should not chase or shoot him but let him run away, and after that he gets new firearm he goes in killing spree.

Security has just to try to arrest terrorist but they are free to kill and right for fair hearing.Hsgaga
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+3 #7 Zaitun 2021-11-20 15:25
"In a statement on Tuesday, President Museveni said the terrorists who carried out the twin bombings that killed 7 people and injured 37 others are the same people who attempted to assassinate Gen Katumba Wamala. According to Museveni, 8 suspects have so far been shot dead by security while trying to escape."

If that is so, then, Museveni is aware of those killing innocent Ugandans. He knows them.

It is not for the first time that you and your blood-thirsty man in uniform kill innocent Ugandans as if they were your goats and cows for slaughter!

You know that your place has been reserved already at the right hand of Satan, and that is why you continue killing Ugandans without mercy!!

You and your children/grand children will pay for the bloodshed caused all over Uganda except amongst your clansmates!!!

If only you could live to see the fate of your children without regretting to tears!
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+2 #8 Lakwena 2021-11-20 16:27
During one the NBS Talk shows, the Minister of Security, Bloody Jim Muhwezi told view that the NRA/M never killed their opponent. Then you wonder what they were doing in Luweero from 1981 to 1986 and up to 2005 in Northern Uganda.

In other words, the NRA when to Luweero and fought the UNLA and LRA using brooms and/or , broom sticks.

And therefore all the skulls buried in mass graves in Luweero were for people who committed suicide.

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0 #9 the HASHIM 2021-11-21 14:58
all i know the government for aid fromwestern countries and they end up by by killing our pipo,

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0 #10 kasede 2021-11-21 21:52
Quoting Swalleh Isa Dirisa:
Wel done our president terrorists shdnt be arrested thy ahd b killed imediately

Isa is an Arabic name. Please be reminded about that statement: ".... how can xxxx [Ugandan] suddenly become an Arab? ....].

An Isa doesn't seem to be too far away from the cross hair-view of an AK47, does she?
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