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Doctors to go on strike next week over supplies, vacant posts

The doctors have threatened to go on strike next week

The doctors have threatened to go on strike next week

Doctors under their umbrella body, Uganda Medical Association (UMA) have threatened to lay down tools starting next week November 22.

The doctors want the government to fill more than 40 per cent of the vacant posts in public health facilities, increase the pay for intern doctors to Shs 2.1 million as directed by President Museveni, compensate the families of health workers who succumbed to COVID-19 and provide medical supplies like oxygen in health facilities. The doctors also want government to include medical interns in the public service salary structure.

The strike was initially meant to start on November 6, but the new management of the Uganda Medical Association says it was postponed for better planning purposes. The doctors in August this year issued a notice to the government informing them that they would go on strike on November 6 if their demands were not met.

According to UMA public relations officer, Dr Andrew Twineamatsiko, the new industrial action date was agreed upon by the new management.

"We held a meeting to discuss the strategies and road map for the much needed industrial action whose goal is to better the health system of Uganda. We agreed that at exactly 00:01 hours of November 22, the strike would start," he said.

Dr Herbert Luswata, the secretary general of UMA says the strike was delayed due to managerial issues. He says they had to push it forward because the old leadership hadn't handed over to the new leadership.

The doctors issued government notice of industrial action in August and since then members of the old leadership executive have met with officials from the ministries of Health, Finance and even the Prime Minister's office but no position was reached.

The old UMA leadership led by Dr Richard Idro had expected the government to present a statement addressing their demands two weeks ago during the Grande Doctors Conference but none of the invited top officials at the ministry of Health like the permanent secretary Dr Diana Atwine showed up. 

Ministry of Health spokesperson, Emmanuel Ainebyoona urged the doctors to be patient since a supplementary budget was before parliament to address their exact needs.

With just three days left to the start of the industrial action, it remains to be seen whether government will respond to their demands and avoid the effects  such a strike might have on the country's health system amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and the ongoing medical interns strike.


+5 #1 Lakwena 2021-11-18 12:47
In other words, in Uganda, under the bloody leadership of Gen Tibuhaburwa, you live, fall sick and die at your own risk.

Otherwise, why would every other day doctors are threatening sit-down strike over being understaffed, over-worked and underpaid? It is sickening and

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+11 #2 Dannick 2021-11-18 13:17
The Uganda Medical Association has members that sit on committees that advise government on managing covid.

The restrictions they have advised are not proportionate to the level of risk.

People's livelihoods continue to unreasonably be taken away in our world record restrictions while the association maintains silence.
That disturbs me.
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0 #3 Akot 2021-11-19 13:31
Lakwena, agreed, but,

Why are Ugandans going along, waiting for next fame election, knowing Museveni will be the only winner?

At this point, legalising Museveni through fake elections, waiting/looking up to to him...make Ugandans forever willing slaves & take Museveni as their lifetime ruler!

Which outsider would dare get at Museveni & cause trouble to peaceful Ugandans, who have the ruler they want & are ensuring he rules for life & leave the post to his son?

Not even Acholi can/will survive without Museveni!
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+1 #4 Akot 2021-11-19 13:43
Dannick, agreed, but,

Tribal leaders, ministers, mps, elites & the rest of population are also silent, at peace, just waiting going along with Museveni!

Every thing is in place to, assured by Ugandans, for their enslavement to Museveni & family for ever!

Where is the UNITY that said NO to T. Okello/Acholi & brought Museveni to power, the only UNITY needed to end his diabolical rule/hold on every tribal land & ruches?

Why are Ugandans slaves tribally divided & ruled by migrant Museveni, in the country formed by their tribal lands?

Museveni got what he dreamed/fought for & will NEVER let go, unless Ugandans become ONE people & block him!

Would Museveni still be ruling if he was from a tribal land in the zone?

Why ensure Museveni's 40 years while preparing to ensure his 45 years through fake elections?
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