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Kawempe bomb: Museveni vows to arrest, defeat 'pigs'

Police cordon off the scene of the blast

Police cordon off the scene of the blast

President Yoweri Museveni has vowed to bring to book the perpetrators who planted a bomb that exploded on Saturday and left one person dead and five injures injured in Komamboga, Kawempe division.  

Museveni noted that he has been briefed that the said explosive might have been planted by a group of three people at a small eatery next to the famous Digida pork joint in Komamboga. 

"Three people came and left a package in a kaveera [polythene bag] which later on exploded, killing one person and injuring five others. It seems to be a terrorist act but we shall get the perpetrators," his statement reads in part.

The president adds that police specialists are on the ground investigating the whole incident and at a later stage will give the nation more information about the terrorist attack and guidelines on vigilance by the public dealing with these possible terrorists.

“The public should not fear; we shall defeat this criminality like we have defeated all the other criminality committed by the pigs who don't respect life,” he said.

Earlier this month on October 14, the United Kingdom and France warned of possible terrorist attacks in Uganda but the police said they found no evidence and that there was no need to elevate the threat levels.

Uganda last suffered a major terror attack on July 11, 2010, after a militant Islamist group, al-Shaabab, killed over 75 people in a Kampala twin-bombing as hundreds watched a football World Cup final match between Spain and the Netherlands.

In the aftermath, 14 people were arrested and of these, nine were found guilty and sentenced to a punishment ranging between 35 years to 50 years in jail while others were given life imprisonment by the then High court judge Alfonse Owiny-Dollo in 2016.


+5 #1 Apollo 2021-10-25 08:04
All suspects will be shot extra-judiciary because that is the 'order from above'. Many of these hapless fellows were given amnesty because of past rebel activities and have been close collaborators with elements of security forces.

Sadly, they may be given dark assignments and eliminated shortly. They no longer serve any usefulness anyway.

Gen. Museveni only arrests and tarnishes political foes for political benefit.
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+5 #2 Lakwena 2021-10-25 09:06
Has Bloody Gen Tibuhaburwa forgotten his NRA criminality through subversive activities of terrorism, and/or lack of respect for lives in Luweero?

In other words, using landmines, the Kyaligonza and Pesco Kuteesa of the NRA e.g. blew up a UTC Commuter Bus ferrying innocent Ugandans and an Ambulance ferry a pregnant en-rout to Nakaseke Hospital.

As Minister of Defense in UNLA Administration; Gen Tibuhaburwa and cohort: (mercenaries like Kagame and Fred Rwegyema were responsible for the theft of deadly weapons like landmines from UNLA armory (Govt Store) to kill Ugandans,

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+4 #3 Lakwena 2021-10-25 12:21
Otherwise, it is high time Ugandans rose up to the occasion: denounced and harshly judged unrepentant Gen Tibuhaburwa by his past (own standard of criminality) against innocent Ugandans.

E.g., in order to "Deny Bail" to suspects of capital offenders; himself, a self-confessed multiple capital offender, what moral authority does Mr. M7 have, to demand for the amendment of the constitution?

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+4 #4 Kalibbala 2021-10-25 22:10
#Lakwena Spot on..Who has forgotten the Art of War Played by The Curse and Enemy of Humanity with his Bloody Thugs in names of Kale Kayihura, Tumukunde, Katuguugu Jim Muhwezi and Kahinda Otafiire who are Still Boasting of Killing innocent Civilians in Luwero by Putting on Army Clothes in the Night and Then Coming back during Day time crying Crocodile Tears!

Tumukunde is the Master Mind of Bombings in Kampala and Neighborhood! Even the 2010 Twin Bombings were Kayihura's Job! We All Know what NRA is Capable of Doing..
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0 #5 Akot 2021-10-26 14:01
The only ones with bombs/guns are Museveni's war dogs, using it to blind Ugandans that it's terrorists when it' them faking it to get outside help/attention/sympathy/money!

+35 years & Ugandans aren't tired of Museveni, are ensuring his rule through the tribalistic system that disempowers them, leaves them at his mercy, WHY?

Ugandans surely now know that as long as they are alright with the tribalistic system, developed world/UN/ICC will remain silent as the system goes against International Principle!

Developed world finally understood Ugandan tribalism & won't support even Bobi Wine now, unless he calls for an end to the tribalistic system & to UNITY of Ugandans, to ensure Museveni is out!

Ugandans can't pretend not understanding why Museveni & family own their country; TRIBALISM!
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0 #6 Akot 2021-10-26 14:17

Agreed, but,

Who are those ensuring Museveni's lifetime rule, then transfer of power to his son by;

- maintaining the tribalistic system that disempowers

- fake presidential & parliamentary elections?

Who are those ensuring Museveni riggs elections, then go along in peace after the rigging, then wait for next fake elections to ensure he riggs?

Who are those ensuring Museveni's family business through the divisive tribalistic system?

Who are the divisive opposition leaders who further divide an already tribally divided & truled, thus ensure Museveni rules for life?

Who are the tribal leaders ensuring Ugandans are tribally divided, thus slaves of Museveni & family?

Who are the foreigners keeping Museveni in power, if not Ugandans who have made themselves foreigners in the country formed by their tribal lands?
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