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Former minister Kabafunzaki found guilty of corruption, fined Shs 10m

Herbert Kabafunzaki (C) at the Anti-Corruption court earlier

Herbert Kabafunzaki (C) at the Anti-Corruption court earlier

The Anti-Corruption court has convicted former state minister for Labour Herbert Kabafunzaki of corruption. 

Justice Margaret Tibulya delivered the verdict this morning after finding the former minister guilty of soliciting a bribe of Shs 5 million about four years ago.  

In her judgement, Tibulya noted that the prosecution was able to prove its case beyond reasonable doubt.  Earlier on, the prosecution told the court that on April 6 and 8 2017, Kabafunzaki directly solicited and accepted a bribe of Shs 5 million from Hamid Muhammed, the chairperson of Aya Group of Companies as an inducement to clear him of sexual abuse allegations by his former employee, Jamila Opondo.

The complainant had made the allegations both before the police and Kabafunzaki in his capacity as Labour minister. Police arrested Kabafunzaki redhanded with the money together with his former political assistant, Brian Mugabo and an interior designer Bruce Lubowa at Serena hotel.  

During the trial, prosecution tabled evidence from several witnesses including recordings showing how Kabafunzaki got the money and handed it to Mugabo to count it and tried to hide it behind the hotel curtains when police stormed to arrest them. 

Mugabo later testified as a state witness against Kabafunzaki, which prompted the directorate of public prosecutions (DPP) to drop the charges against him and Lubowa. In her judgement delivered in-camera, justice Tibulya ordered Kabafunzaki to pay a fine of Shs 10 million or serve a three-year jail term.

State attorney Josephine Namatovu, who attended the proceedings told journalists that the court convicted the former minister on both offences and handed him a fine of Shs 5 million for each offence.

The court has also barred Kabafunzaki from holding any public office for ten years and ordered him to forfeit the Shs 5 million he paid for his bail for absconding from the court proceedings.

The judge issued a warrant of arrest directing security agencies to arrest  Kabafunzaki on-site and produce him in the court to comply with the respective orders and sentence.     

Kabafunzaki abandoned the trial in March 2021 when it was in its advanced stages pending the opinion of court accessors and judgement. The court issued a warrant of arrest for the former Rukiga county member of parliament in vain. 

He was previously represented by lawyers Macdusman Kabega and Evans Ochieng who were also not in court to receive the judgement. Efforts to speak to Ochieng were futile as calls from our reporter to his cellphone went without reply.


+2 #1 Mukengi Jose 2021-10-09 09:51
This type of thieves is what defines Uganda internationally!!

That is how far corruption in this country called Uganda has reached under a president who is mentally asleep due to age and totally out of touch with reality!

And such a thug will be appointed again as a minister, as if there are no clean handed Ugandans who who help rebuild the damaged image of this African country!

More such thieves who cripple Uganda severally stealing billions of shillings and simply being forgiven defeats any sane persons understanding!

Mr. Muhaburwa, polease wake up and do something about these thieves who are an international absurdity...
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0 #2 Sandra Alum 2021-10-09 09:59
The International community , of which this poor country called Uganda is part of, and whose yearly budget the former thankfully supports by almost half, should urgently help Uganda fight the thieves in the government by prohibiting such thieves and their children from travelling, even going to schools and universities in those Western countries!

Only that way can such corrupt African leaders be put to order and they give up theft that has ashamed this country in the recent decade of NRM rule....

That is what I have to say from a sad heart as a Ugandan who is patriotic.
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0 #3 Sandra Alum 2021-10-09 10:03
that is one thief off the back of Ugandans who sre toiling from day to day to put food on their table!

That Judge is a true patriot.. More thieves whose names Ugandans here in the media having siphoned billions of shillings need also to be caught and tried and made to pay back their loot...
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+2 #4 Zaitun 2021-10-09 16:43
The man in his photo, is a real thief who can cause havoc in other people's houses. A real son of lucifer, that is all what he is.
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0 #5 Akot 2021-10-10 17:18
Mukengi Jose,

How can things be different in a country ruled by one man for +35 years?

Even Germans realised 16 years were toomuch as Merkel became big headed power hungry, filled the country with migrants...!

Museveni is now more strong/more evil than before & next fake election will make him more evil as he knows the tribalistic system protects him from outside blame, but not Ugandans!

Ugandans MUST WAKE UP or they are locked with Museveni & family for good!
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0 #6 Akot 2021-10-10 17:26
Sandra Alum,

The International Community will NEVER help Ugandans as long as the tribalistic system is maintained by Ugandans, a this system goes against International principle!

Once Ugandans say NO to tribal leaders/bring down the tribalistic system & UNITE for common goal, the International Community wil no longer just watch in silence!

It's up to Ugandans, the tribally divided ruled, to ensure the International Community help them!

So, are Ugandans bringing down the tribalistic system & UNITING in order to have chance to help from the International Community or not?

Or, are tribally divided ruled Ugandans just waiting to yet legalise Museveni through next fake election & bolster him immediately with fake parliamentary election/fake parliament/fake democracy?
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0 #7 Lakwena 2021-10-11 15:29
With such an Executive and/or prominent day-light thief caught red/bloody-handed, and tried like a chicken thief; who is still proud of Uganda?

In other words, what a nationally and internationally embarrassing/humiliating judgement!

In spite of H.E, Bloody Gen Tibuhaburwa recent appeal to Foreign Direct Investors at the 2020 Trade Expo in Dubai; who would still want to come and invest in a country, where top government officials/politicians are but dressed up pests (kawukumi)?

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