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Pader sub-county chief diverts Shs 6.7m road funds, offers a refund

The former Angagura sub-county chief in Pader district, Galdino Ongee is in trouble for allegedly diverting Shs 6.7 million meant for road works during the first nationwide lockdown last year.

Pader district works and technical services chairperson, Robert Komakech Obina has now tasked Ongee to refund the money.

According to Komakech, in FY 2019/2020, the district allocated Angagura sub-county Shs 6.7 million under the community access road (CAR) fund project to install two culverts on a community access road in the sub-county.

However, when the district transferred the money to the sub-county account, Ongee diverted the conditional grant to finance the operations of the sub-county without informing the higher authorities. 

While appearing before the district works & technical services committee, Ongee confessed to diverting the conditional grant for running the sub-county during the first lockdown. 

He said since there was no money to support sub-county operations during the first lockdown, he opted to divert the conditional grant to support them. Ongee, who is now the sub-county chief of Latanya, asked forgiveness and promised to pay back the money in a two-month period.

He blamed the COVID-19 pandemic for the diversion, saying the sub-county was crippled with no operations fund, which forced him to divert the conditional grant. Angagura sub-county LC V councillor, Dickson Ojok, says that the CAR funds have no impact at grassroots because sub-county authorities are abusing its use.

Pader district engineer, Benedict Lubanga, says Angagura sub-county is among the five sub-counties that failed to account for CAR funds disbursed to them in the 2019/2020 financial year. The principal assistant secretary to the CAO, Joyce Ongee Anek, says diversion of public funds is unlawful and the sub-county chief will have to face the law.

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