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Court summons Kyagulanyi over fraudulent admission to Makerere University

Robert Kyagulanyi has been summoned to appear in court on October 7

Robert Kyagulanyi has been summoned to appear in court on October 7

The Law Development Centre court in Kampala has summoned National Unity Platform president and former presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu to appear in court and take plea on charges of obtaining false registration to Makerere University.

The summons issued by grade one magistrate Augustine Alule, require Kyagulanyi to appear before his court without fail next month on October 7 at midday to answer to criminal charges levied against him by city lawyer Male Mabirizi.

"Whereas your attendance is necessary to answer to charge of obtaining registration by false pretense contrary to section 312 of the Penal Code Act Cap. 120; You are hereby commanded by the Uganda government to appear in this court on the 7th October 2021 at 12:00 noon or soon thereafter as the case may be heard," reads the summons in part.

The summons signed today Tuesday also indicate that they have been issued on the application of private prosecution. The summon arises from criminal proceedings instituted against Kyagulanyi on Monday by Mabirizi.

Yesterday Mabirizi asked court to summon Kyagulanyi for having allegedly obtained false registration at Makerere University. Kyagulanyi graduated from Makerere University about 20 years ago with a diploma in Music, Dance and Drama (MDD), which Mabirizi alleges that he obtained through a fraudulent process.

According to Mabirizi, Kyagulanyi who was then 20 years old was on October 21, 2000, registered as a student of MDD on a mature age entry scheme contrary to Makerere University prospectus of 1999/2000 -2000/2001.

The prospectus in the question of which Mabirizi has submitted a certified copy signed by the academic registrar of Makerere University Alfred Namoah Masikye indicates that; for one to be admitted for the mature age entry at that time was at least to be 25 years old or for one to have completed formal education at least five years previous to the year of admission, which was not the case with Kyagulanyi.

To support his case, Mabirizi submitted other certified copies of evidence from Makerere University showing Kyagulanyi's form leading to his admission which is dated and signed by him on October 20, 2000.

The form also indicated that Kyagulanyi was born on February 12, 1980 and studied at Kololo senior secondary school and Kitante Hill School, implying that by the time he was admitted to pursue the course on government sponsorship, Kyagulanyi was only 20 years of age and neither had he finished formal secondary education five years before his admission.

Accordingly, Mabirizi asked court to summon Kyagulanyi to take plea and if he denies the charges, he will be able to lay overwhelming evidence obtained from Makerere to pin him on the crime in issue which attracts a one-year jail term upon conviction.

In June 2021, Mabirizi sued Makerere University before the civil division of High court seeking orders compelling Makerere University to deprive and recall Kyagulanyi's diploma in MDD for having obtained it illegally. The case which is also seeking costs for the damages caused to Mabirizi in pursuit of the case is yet to be fixed for hearing.

Previously, Mabirizi also instituted criminal cases accusing Kyagulanyi of having lied about his age and date of birth when he was joining the 10th parliament as the Kyadondo East MP and when he was registering to get a passport from the ministry of Internal Affairs.

But the DPP has since taken over these cases which are scattered in Kampala and Wakiso courts and have since stalled after the mentioned government department's delay to provide him with supporting documents as evidence.


+1 #11 Peter Batuse 2021-09-22 16:47
Truth needs to be known but in the
Kyangulanyi's case, a muganda struggling a
muganda, l find it not going down well in the
eyes of many people.

Particularly the name
Male Mabirizi has levelled to a man whose
studying law shortened rather than deepening
the depth his mind can potentially sight.
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-2 #12 Nakasero 2021-09-22 22:01
@Lakwena-- Madame Museveni is not candidate for president.

One.Two, who is lying that she doesnot have academic credentials? Who misled you?

How come minister of education be illiterate?Hahahaahhaah
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0 #13 Peter Batuse 2021-09-22 23:23
Universities admissions policy is that, an
applicant who is not reached the age of 23
has to submit A'level qualification or an
Higher National Diploma.

Only a person who has attained 23 years and above is eligible to apply for the Mature Entry. Using relevant working experience to be allowed to sit entry exams.

But Male Mabirizi is out of order.
Eyo fitina. If NUP has not killed Mabirizi.
It can't be NUP killing people in Masaka with
machatte. It could be Mabirizi minded people.
Like the man who hit Tamale Mirundi junior
called kisa kya mukama.
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0 #14 kasede 2021-09-23 00:15
Quoting Akao:
This is bs! Thats why uganda is going no where, wasting time on useless things.

If this person is serious, he should take on Makerere for making frudelent admission so that the university retain his status

In deed, he is flogging a dead horse. My Wine was a big storm in a confined tea-cup (Buganda). He is fully EXPENDED and accounted for.

However, I tell you this, Buganda within Uganda is very important for Uganda, for Uganda without Buganda in it has never exixted and will never exist.

Therefore, let Udandans not sweap the "Buganda question" out of the way as we contempulate the way forward beyond the MRM-M7's rule. May those Ugandans who have ears use them now. AMEN.
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+1 #15 Lakwena 2021-09-23 09:16
Quoting Nakasero:
@Lakwena-- Madame Museveni is not candidate for president.

One.Two, who is lying that she doesnot have academic credentials? Who misled you?

How come minister of education be illiterate?Hahahaahhaah

But Nakasero, Her Majesty was appointed Minister of Education on Nepotism (conjugal) Ticket (bedroom affair).

And the logical consequences are there for all to see: the declining standard and very poor academic performance of all Government Schools.

In other words, if it were in other countries she would have been forced to resign. Compared to private schools, where in the whole wide world do Government schools (taxpayers schools) performance is so miserable like ours.
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0 #16 Kakooza Swaibu 2021-09-24 16:27
Let the truth be known as we move forward.

Mabirizi has tried to wrestle with both sides. Eli like him as he opens our eyes to know and understand some facts about our leaders.
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