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Lukwago, Adeke appointed FDC deputy presidents

Erias Lukwago

Erias Lukwago

Opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) president Eng Patrick Amuriat has appointed Kampala city lord mayor Erias Lukwago and the Soroti Woman MP Anna Adeke Ebajju as party deputy presidents.

The deputy secretary-general of the FDC Harold Kaija confirmed the appointments. He says the party president had exercised his powers given to him by the party constitution to fill positions that had recently fallen vacant.

Lukwago replaces recently appointed state minister for ICT Joyce Nabbosa Ssebugwawo as deputy president in charge of Buganda while Ebajju replaces Kevin Taaka as the deputy president in charge of the Eastern region.

Taaka was appointed to the position in 2018, replacing Alice Alaso who had quit FDC for the breakaway Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) party founded by former FDC president Mugisha Muntu.

Amuriat also appointed former Obongi County MP Hassan Kaps Fungaroo as the national mobilization secretary of the party, a position previously held by Ingrid Turinawe.

Turinawe was suspended from the party after she defied the party and contested as an independent candidate for the Rukungiri MP seat.


+2 #1 Ugthinker 2021-09-12 13:33
congratulations FDC, with Lukwago one can’t go wrong. He’s stood the test of time!

Ugandans should learn to avoid one trick political ponies, seek and settle for quality leadership.
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0 #2 Lakwena 2021-09-14 07:55
My heart still goes to Ingrid Turinawe. This is because like the Sam Mugumya of FDC who is indefinitely languishing in some unknown prison in DRC; this lady passionately sacrificed a lot in the front-line for the party, especially during all the blood 2011 and 2016 Gen Elections.

In other words, it is human to overstep ourselves, er and should be pardoned. I therefore wonder how long is Ingrid Turinawe's Suspension?

Just asking.
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